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If you want to learn more about the internet of things, check out the wearable technology reviews available at Gadget Review, where we provide expert opinions for everything from running watch reviews that can track your vitals to the latest wearable gloves and VR headsets. Today wearable technology refers to both devices and clothing that include some type of smart feature or wireless communication, typically combined with sensors that can detect all sorts of things about your body. The best wearables are exciting and the market is rapidly growing, with everyone from small startups holding big ideas to large brands like Samsung, FitBit, Jawbone and others.

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Of course, one of the big new products in the wearable technology world is the Apple Watch or iWatch. But how does the iWatch compare to other products on the market? It offers an incredible number of social features as well as a lot of sensors to monitor fitness and activity, but do you really want to wear a large smartwatch when working out? The price of the Apple Watch also tends to be a lot higher that other types of the wearables. This is just one example as well – the best wearable technology is the technology that fits your lifestyle and budget!