Progressive Cell Phone Insurance Review

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Updated September 29, 2022
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Most phone warranties don’t cover accidental damage. And flagship phones are very regularly crossing the one grand mark nowadays. So there must be a way to protect your expensive electronic devices, right? Well, Progressive Cell Phone Insurance is one of the best cell phone insurance out there.

Why We Like It – Progressive Cell Phone Insurance

Progressive Cell Phone Insurance by Worth Ave Group starts off at as low as $8/month (two years of insurance). And it covers your other expensive electronics as well, not just your cell phone (similar to Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance). If you buy the insurance from their own website, you also get 5% off and an unlimited number of claims. If you have your cell phone service through AT&T, you can read our AT&T cell phone insurance review to see if their plans are worth it for you.

  • It covers other electronics as well
  • Fast repair and shipping
  • Speedy online claiming process
  • High price and average customer service

Coverage And Deductible

Though this plan offers broad coverage, however, if you still need an extended warranty, do check out Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan. As we mentioned before, you can insure your other expensive electronic devices too with this insurance company. Those other devices include Laptop/Desktop computers, iPads, Tablets, e-Readers, iPods, MP3 players, gaming systems, and Cameras. And if you are strictly in the Apple ecosystem, you should read our AppleCare phone insurance review. That’s already an extensive list of products. On top of that, the phone insurance plan covers Liquid damage, Theft and vandalism, Drops and accidental damage, Breaks and cracked screens, Fire, flood, and natural disasters related damages, and damages due to power surges from lightning. And your purchase coverage stays intact internationally.
The minimum deductible value is $50, and it can go up to $200. Once again, the deductible value may vary based on the brand, model, age of your phone, your coverage amounts, and policy terms.

Backup Services

Well, their “Progressive Advantage” plan grants you pretty much all of the advantages we discussed earlier. It costs $158, which is a bit higher than a few other competing third parties and even first-party insurance policies. But then again, you do get a new replacement phone in case you lose your phone (loss theft).
As we mentioned before, the plans can go as low as $8/month, even for an iPhone. Obviously, the price may vary based on the brand, model, phone age, coverage amounts, and policy terms. If that seems a bit too much for just a cell phone protection plan to you, you can also go for Best Buy’s Geek Squad phone protection plan instead.

Customer Service

The customer service also isn’t anything super amazing to write home about. But it’s decent enough and helpful. But do note they don’t cover any defects that are the fault of the manufacturer. For that, you should rather opt for Akko phone insurance.

Security Features

This cell phone insurance doesn’t offer any security features per se on the software side, in the form of antivirus or something like that. Then again, most users don’t really use anything like that on their mobile phones. If you want on-demand tech support and identity theft protection, among other perks, you can read our RMG Group cell phone insurance review to see if they have a plan right for you.


Well, if you look at how much other competing cell phone insurance services cost, it sure does seem a tad bit overpriced. But, this insurance policy gives you international coverage, which most other policies don’t. So it depends on whether you think this insurance policy is worth it.

Progressive Cell Phone Insurance Wrap Up

Overall, the Progressive Cell Phone Insurance Worth Ave Group is a decent mobile insurance policy. Poor pricing aside, the international coverage and an unlimited number of claims sound super enticing. However, if you want a top-notch customer service experience, Squaretrade cell phone insurance is going to be a better choice.

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