If you’re remotely handy, or just like power tools, you’ve probably got a few DeWalt batteries lying around. High capacity and heavy-duty, their usefulness is only limited by the fact that, well, they only work with DeWalt tools. Unless, of course, you’ve got a PoweriSite. With the PoweriSite, you won’t have to worry about your best cordless drill dying on you anymore. You can also use the KiiTAG 2: a digital swiss knife for your iPhone to make your iPhone a part of your best toolkit. If you have an iPhone and want to see a 3D picture of your blueprint while you’re working, check out our EyeFly 3D review. Or, if you’re preparing for a presentation with your iPhone, take a look at our iPin review for a laser pointer. If you also want a place to prop your phone when you’re listening to music, take a look at the iTamTam iPhone speaker dock stool by Branex.

Drill To USB

The PoweriSite is a pretty simple little tool, actually; it just clicks onto the top of the battery, where you’d normally slot it into a DeWalt tool, and gives it two USB ports to charge off of. Speaking of your iPhone, you may want to read our tutorial on how to create iPhone setting home screen shortcuts. Pretty much anything that has a battery and charges via a USB cable can be powered up. And that’s got a few advantages. For your additional battery needs, take a look at the best D batteries too.

Heavy, But Useful

The most basic is that DeWalt batteries are, for obvious reasons, some of the highest capacity batteries you can buy with a quick visit to the mall. They’re also built to last and take a lot of abuse, being as they’re tied to power tools, and if you’re not connecting them to a power tool, they can last a surprisingly long time. And, of course, many, many people have them lying around; even the least handy of us need to own a fairly sturdy drill, and most people choose to go cordless. If anything owning a PoweriSite probably means those batteries will see more use from more people than they have in years.

Power Drills


That said, there are a few drawbacks. True, the batteries are portable, but they’re awkwardly sized and heavy; if you’re just looking for a battery backup, there’s no shortage of products that might better fit your needs. But if you’ve already got some of these batteries lying around, or if you just want the highest capacity battery possible in your camping kit at all times, this will be a useful addition; it’s just $18 and will be shipping in March.

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