Poetic Turtle Skin Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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There’s nothing worse than hearing watching your iPad crash to the ground—even worse when it hits the ground, corner first. To protect your iPad is to use a Poetic Turtle Skin. Its spongy silicone material will shield and absorb the damage. It’s the best iPad case to use if you’re accident-prone or have children. If you’re shopping for a new tablet, then check out our best iPads to buy.

Why We Like It – Poetic Turtle Skin Review

A spongy durable silicone casing that’s easy to drape over your iPad and keeps it protected when accidents happen. If you’re accident-prone or have kids, this is the case for you.

  • Heat vents help disperse heat
  • Great shock resistance
  • Silicone is comfortable in the hands
  • Lack of screen protector


The Poetic Turtle Skin aims for performance over aesthetics. Of course, it isn’t ugly or anything, but Poetic was clearly favoring one over the other. This is seen with the spongy nature of the non-toxic silicone used in its creation. It has great shock resistance, with a rating that meets the standards of MIL STD 810G-516.6. Dropping it will keep your iPad safe, that’s for sure. And to keep your iPad from getting too hot—it is a somewhat thick case—the back has heat vents that disperse heat through the openings. What it lacks, however, is a screen protector, a feature missing from the ProCase iPad 9.7 2018 2017 iPad Case as well. And just in case you need an iPad upgrade, you may want to take a look at some of the best features of the Apple iPad Air 2, which has several significant updates to the original Air.


Getting to enjoy the features of the Poetic Turtle Skin is by far the easiest compared to our top picks. This is because of the material used to make the iPad cover: non-toxic silicone. It is both durable and has some bend to it that makes it pretty straightforward to drape over your iPad. At the same time, it’s spongy and soft, which is rather comfortable in the hands as opposed to the rigidness of the ESR iPad Case. Read our OtterBox Symmetry Series iPad case review for this rugged case.


If you value performance over looks, the Poetic Turtle Skin is for you. Its durable MIL STD 810G-516.6 shock resistant rating is a must-have. This is especially true if your children are handling the iPad—and we all know drops are bound to happen. So, when it does happen the case will quickly absorb the fall and keep your very expensive iPad intact. In fact, if we had to pick between the ProCase iPad 9.7 Case for 5th 6th Generation or the Poetic Turtle Skin, we’d go for the Poetic Turtle Skin every single time.

Poetic Turtle Skin Review Wrap Up

We found very little wrong with the Poetic Turtle Skin; it does nearly everything right. Its shock resistant rating ensures your tablet is safe from misadventures, disperses heat through heat vents, and is rather comfortable in the hands. And it’s so cheap, you can easily afford a screen protector. It hit the trifecta, in our opinion, and you’ll love it too. Just like we’re sure you will love any of the 5 best Apple iPad Air features.

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