OnePlus Nord Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The OnePlus Nord offers an almost-flagship experience, at a comfortably lower price tag than the UMiDigi X Smartphone, blending premium design, slick performance and great cameras for a strong mix. With so many phones on the market we recommend checking out our Best Smartphone in 2020.

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Why We Like It – OnePlus Nord

In this nord review oneplus will be explained as being a strong mid range cell phone made from gorilla glass and steel, it easily competes with other mobile phones like the BLU G9 Pro and will last for years to come with some water resistance.

  • Affordable
  • Sleek design
  • Plenty of camera features
  • No headphone jack


The main feature of the OnePlus Nord is its flagship phones camera setup. There are a total of six cameras on the phone, four on the rear and two on the front, making it have the most camera’s than any other phone in it’s price range. With a built in depth sensor the nord oneplus can act as a diving camera though exact depth it’s safe to be in isn’t available due to the lack of an ip rating. The ultra wide camera and good camera quality will ensure anyone can get the whole family in shot, as it’s a mid range smartphone people were surprised by the camera performance of the main camera and it’s previously mentioned wide angle. Moving on to the front camera, it’s much better than several other products as it is in fact two cameras one a 32MP, f/2.45 snapper and is accompanied by an 8MP, 105-degree ultra-wide-camera, which comes in useful when taking group selfies. Unforchinitly the lower resolution of the macro camera on the OnePlus Nord means images aren’t quite as pixel-dense, and colors can appear a little muted. With the qualcomm snapdragon cpu nord comes with the flagship oneplus stays fast for years to come.


The OnePlus Nord’s design belies its affordable price. You get the same premium build and finish as many of its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy A70, with a metal back plate sandwiched between Gorilla Glass on the front and back.It makes for a solid and premium feel although those with smaller hands may struggle to stretch their thumb to the top of the display.
Measuring 158.3 x 73.3 x 8.2mm and weighing about 184g. A stand out to those not familiar with the brand will be surprised to learn that every oneplus phone has a volume slider in place of the far more common buttons that you’ll find on their options like the mid range iphone se, unfortunately they decided to follow the iphone and chose to remove the headphone jack from the OnePlus Nord.


The OnePlus Nord battery life will give you a day of regular use and longer if set to low light, but even using the selfie cameras and drain the battery quicker than was expected by some, with that said oneplus phones it’s fast charging makes the nord camera not a problem.

OnePlus Nord Wrap Up

OnePlus has made an emphatic return to the mid-range market with the OnePlus Nord, it’s an affordable smartphone that’s packed with features. There’s a great screen, plenty of power, and a set of capable cameras, all wrapped up in a package that belies its affordable price. That’s it no need to sit through the all rights reserved you normally get from the vairs product commercials.