The best Android smartwatch is all about versatility, so we can appreciate what the Moment has going for it.

Smartwatches are obviously becoming the “new” smartphone. All of the cool kids are wearing the best smartwatch for kids, proving our point. Everyone is releasing their own version of a smartphone, with everyone waiting to see what Apple drops soon. Momentum Labs thinks all smartwatches are the same and decided to come up with their own that would defy other. While many place technology at the forefront of design, Momentum Labs decided that their Moment Smartwatch should first be a watch or an accessory and second as a device loaded with technology, which is why they came up with its unique design that makes it look more like a bracelet than wrist watch. Check out a few other key features that make the Moment Smartwatch a stand out smartwatch!

1. Wraparound Display With Style

moment smartwatch


Current smartwatches either have a square or rectangular face (or round like the Kairos Smartwatch Hybrid). The Moment flips this concept and instead makes the display span around the wrist-adorned watch, so the entire device is the display. The band will feature a 0.9mm-thin stainless steel wristband that will have a 1.73″ 150 DPI electrophoretic display that has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, which Momentum Labs describes as being about the same surface area as most smartphones out today.

2. Full QWERTY Keyboard

moment watch

The Momentum Smartwatch will feature a full QWERTY keyboard that allows you to type out messages, emails and more. It’ll even have a number row on the wristband screen. Although you might be thinking that the keyboard would make for inconvenient typing, but according to the Kickstarter campaign, all you have to do is twist your wrist a bit to use the keyboard.

3. “Moment Snapware” For Add-On Functions

moment smartwatch

Because technology is always advancing, the smartwatch will also be compatible with Snapware, which will be small hardware modules from both the maker and third party developers that will add new functions to the smartwatch as they are developed. After its launch, creators look to introduce several modules based on demand like flashlight, GPS, NFC, biometric sensors and more.

4. A Month Of Battery Life

The Moment Smartwatch’s 820mAh battery can last an entire month on one single charge, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in every other day or so to juice it up, making  it one less device to worry about.

5. Watch Capabilities With A Classic Feel

Some smartwatches today loose the essence of classic timepieces, sometimes forgoing the traditional definition of a watch. The Moment Smartwatch was designed to retain that classic feel and features a dedicated display for telling time. A simple twist of your wrist will showcase what time it is in a contemporary design that’s based on an analog watch displace.

6. Remote Control Functions

Not only will you be able to answer calls, texts, and more on the smartwatch, but you’ll also be able to use it as a remote control for a number of things like turning on the lights in your home, turning on the TV and more – all from your wrist.

7. Message Privacy

moment smartwatch

You don’t need to have everyone up in your business, which is why creators designed the Moment Smartwatch in such a way that you can read messages on the inside of your wrist for added privacy, hiding it away from noisy eyes.

8. Extras

moment smartwatch

Because life is messy, the smartwatch will come with an IP67 rating for dust and water proofing, in addition to functioning as an alarm clock and night light while it charges on its optional charger cradle (it comes with a regular USB cable for simple charging wherever). Users can also opt to get a Moment Smartwatch in black on silver or white on gold, with a special Kickstarter Limited Edition Color being offered in black on black.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that nothing like the norm, pledge $174 for the early bird special (but hurry, quantities are almost gone; and when they are, you’ll have to pay $188).

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  1. After more then two years there is still no working prototype. The company is short on money to make a working prototype but has spend all the backers money for business trips, decorating offices and so on. There are no updates on the project and even the latest update they are telling the same story and same progress as a year ago. Besides a misleading campaign it is a fraudulent firm that still hoping of getting ore money from the backers.

  2. 9: The watch does not exist. While the campaign creates the impression that there is a working complete prototype. There is none, the videos are concepts (ie fake) notice how when you see the display and keyboard the “watch” is held perfectly still, funny that. The “prototypes” are simply design mock ups. Very misleading campaign,

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