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Mercury Modular Kayaks Break Down to Fit into the Trunk of a Car

Mercury Kayak-2

You have the best kayak, however… Getting the Kayak to the water is no easy feat. First you need to hoist it onto your car’s roof and then you need to tie it down. Perhaps a simpler option is to purchase a tow, but even then you’ll be beleaguered with heavy lifting. The alternative you ask?

Modular kayaks by Point 65 of Sweden.  They come in a variety of sizes that range from single seaters to tandems, and can vary by storage size and format.  The one pictured here is the Mercury Tandem.

It’s loaded with storage and thanks to its 4 piece design the otherwise 13-foot Mercury can be stuffed into the back of an SUV, with each piece weighing roughly 20 something pounds.  Moreover, the nose of the Mercury Tandem can be stuffed into the cockpit, making transport even easier and requiring less space.

And all of this convenience doesn’t mean a sacrifice in features.  The cockpit is fully padded for comfort, there are foot braces to keep you rock steady, and a spray cover to keep you dry in the most turbulent of seas.

Mercury Kayak-1

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