When it’s time to buy a new TV like the LG model below and many others, try Greentoe – Lowest Prices Online. Has it been a while since you have upgraded your LG smart TV? Then now is definitely the time, because LG has announced a free update for all its older and latest smart TVs, bumping up the older webOS 1.0 to a new webOS 2.0. If you have a TV that’s not even a smartTV, you might find our review of the Sceptre, which turns your big screen TV into a Smart TV useful.

What changes because of this update? Quite a lot in terms of operational ability, not too much when it comes to content. Menus and apps will open more quickly, you will be able to customize more options, inputs will pop up more quickly, and the UI has received a graphical and artistic upgrade.

According to LG, this is the first free upgrade in the TV industry to be passed along to older televisions. It’s also the first time that smart TVs have encountered this particular issue – and it actually raises a point of strength for smart TVs (learn what’s a Smart TV, which have been outclassed lately by set-top boxes and similar options. When the times comes for Apple to update Apple TV, it releases a new generation: If smart TVs can be updated without switching out the TV, including new content, then there is a cost effective reason to use a smart TV at last.


It’s also worth noting that LG just finished a deal with DirecTV (now owned by AT&T) that includes access to DirecTV services, at least for a subscription. This means that the 2.0 LG smart TV update will also come with new DirecTV Ready and DirecTV 4K Ready features – although you’ll need a 4K TV to enjoy that latter service.

The update will be available in just a few days, on September 21st for all LG smart TVs from 2014 – no word about previous models. If you have your updates set to download automatically then it will load and reboot on its own. If not, head over to the update section of your LG TV to activate it.

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