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The LETSCOM smart watch fitness tracker is a great find for someone that is looking to buy a smart watch at a really incredible price. This fitness tracker is jam packed with features, such as a battery that lasts a whole 10 days. This watch syncs with the veryfitpro app to showcase all data points collected throughout the day. The amount of features in this smartwatch is comparable to that of an apple watch without the apple price. Discover more smartwatches such as the Garmin Forerunner 35 Running Watch or the Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Running Watch from our Best Running Watches.

Why We Like It – LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Review

The letscom fitness trackers are great watches at a great price. It has an extensive amount of features, such as a heart rate monitor, music control, and many more tools that aid in simple day to day life or during fitness training. This is a good find for anyone fascinated by the world of smartwatches, but want to start off with a reasonable price.

  • Multiple functions for crazy good price
  • Color screen
  • Music Control
  • Laggy interface
  • Long charging time


Out of the many significant features of this product, the first thing to note is the battery life. The battery life on the letscom fitness tracker can last 10 days without a charge, but the charge time of 2 to 3 hours might be a bit too much for someone that doesn’t have the time for that. The interface seems to lag a bit behind when it comes to moving around within the tracker, but it still responds. Buyers can expect to be able to use heart rate monitoring, check calories burned, sleep tracking, reveal sleep patterns, record any activity tracking, and last but not least it can even help find phones with functions similar to find my iphone. If the charge time scares you away, I recommend the lintelek fitness tracker with heart rate monitor because of its maximum 1.5 hours for a full charge.


At first glance, the letscom fitness tracker is similar to the apple watch with its square watch face. Apart from looks, the touchscreen features on the watch is an undervalued feature of the watch. It comes in a good amount of colors so there is a substantial amount of choice there to find just the right color scheme for you. This watch has the physical design and functions of an expensive watch, yet it is only about 30 bucks at this moment which is a crazy good deal for anyone that wants to buy a smartwatch right this second.


This watch is most definitely undervalued for the many functions it carries out. You get all these great features for fitness tracking, an app to manage your data, all for about 30 dollars. Interchangeable bands always extend the life of these products since a new band can make it feel just at new, which makes it a very attractive product for someone that enjoys to switch it up every once in a while. This product is a solid start for anyone just getting into smartwatches, and this product the financial burden is very minimal

LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Review Wrap Up

This watch might go down as one of the most underrated watches in the smartwatch game so far. When you get to see the list of things you can do on this watch, the price will feel like a steal. The color display allows this watch to beautifully give the time, show notifications, and even control music connected through bluetooth. With technology like this at your disposal you will be more organized in your fitness and personal life.

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