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The shoelace has stood, unchanged, as a technology for more than a century. And, hell, why not? It works. Materials science may advance, loafers may still be more comfortable, but for ease of use without looking like a dork, the simple shoelace stands above us all. Or did, rather, with the arrival of Lace Anchors.

Laces To Loafers

Lace Anchors are fairly simple; they’re small pieces of fiber-reinforced resin with a few holes drilled in them. Thread your laces through your shoe, then through the anchors inside of your shoe. Tighten your laces according to your preferences and the anchors simply hold the laces in place, discreetly tucked into the inside of your shoe. No more tying your shoes; just slip them on and go.

Slipping In And Out

The primary purpose is actually not aesthetics so much, although these will guarantee your shoes look just as good as the ones in the store window. It’s also about the proper fit and comfort. If you’ve got tendonitis, you know all too well that laces can be absolute agony if things aren’t coming together right. Similarly, far too many shoes are designed with the idea that “one foot fits all.” Being able to adjust the laces on your shoes properly, even lace by lace, will really help with controlling foot pain.

Brace Your Lace

lace anchors

All that said, of course, there is a matter of personal preference here; some people don’t mind tying their shoes, or simply prefer to tighten or loosen as their lifestyle demands. They’re probably going not need these. But if you’ve got some shoes where you want a bowless look, or just want to lock in how they fit for good, these anchors will fit the bill quite well. You can get a pack of 36 for just $18 online.

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