Ka Bar Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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In our knife review of the best survival knives, guess which one took the top spot? Yep, the Ka Bar Fighting Knife. But when you review Ka Bar, it’s not just about fighting applications. It’s a fantastic general purpose knife as well (OK, maybe not appropriate for cooking at home in the kitchen, but definitely at a campfire). If you’re going on a trip soon, be sure to bring other survival gear with you so you’re prepared for all situations.

Why We Like It – Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

The Ka Bar Full Size Knife has been around forever (dating back to World War II) and still remains to be the gold standard when you’re choosing a survival knife, hunting knife, and combat knife.

  • Durable, full tang build
  • High quality carbon steel material
  • Long lasting
  • Might be too long for some

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If the Ka Bar didn’t perform well, would the US Marine Corps use it? Ka Bar knives were born out of inadequate performance of standard issue knives during the Second World War, and thus the USMC Ka Bar came into being. To this day, it is the USMC fighting knife that all Marine Corps are issued.

In addition to its fighting utility, the high quality of the Ka Bar Knife lends itself to other applications as a useful tool when hunting and as a utility knife.


The performance and longevity of the Ka Bar Full Size Knife is all in its design. It’s a fixed blade knife with a full tang, which basically means that it has no weak points. Fixed blade knives are strong because there is no pivot point between the blade and the handle and, in this case, the metal of the knife blade extends through the handle.

Speaking of the material, the Ka Bar USMC Knife is crafted from 1095 Cro van steel. Cro van steel is a type of carbon steel that is resistant to corrosion. It’s stainless steel on steroids.

When they say full sized, they mean a seven inch straight edge blade with an overall length of nearly twelve inches. A seven inch blade is a long blade length relative to other straight edge knives of similar caliber. The spine of the knife has a serrated edge that comes in handy when shaving kindling for fires or breaking down wood.

The handle material is well designed, too. The Ka Bar USMC Fighting Knife features a leather handle that provides a strong, yet comfortable grip. Leather handles are great because of the comfort but also because the material is durable and long lasting. There’s an updated model that uses Kraton G material for the handle if you want a modern aesthetic and possibly more protection from the elements. The knife comes with a leather sheath for protection as well.


A knife made from such materials and for high stakes, real world scenarios isn’t cheap (nor should it be). But, it may just outlive you. You’ll be hard put to put a dent or chip in the impressive, full size blade even if you want to. If you want a survival knife that will last, it’s worth it to get the Ka Bar.

Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review Wrap Up

The Ka Bar Full Size USMC Knife is not just a great knife, it’s arguably the best in its class. It edges out competitors like the Gerber LMF II, Morakniv Bushcraft, and the BlizeTec Survival Knife with its durability and quality. Ultimately, you’d be hard put to find a knife Ka Bar can’t beat.

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