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For serious campers, the best backpacking stove might just be the Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon. Its performance puts it near the top of our list, but it’s the accessories that sold us the most. The Fluxring cooking pot is handy on its own, but the stove opens up so many other options.

Why We Like It – Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon

If you take camping very seriously, the Jetboil is a good place to start. Not only does it provide a high-performing portable stove, it sets you up for compatible kits like java, utensils, and accessories.

  • Color changing heat indicator
  • Push button igniter
  • Can use butane or isobutane propane fuel
  • Performance suffers in windy conditions
  • Expensive


The Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon really sets itself up for success by combining two features: insolation and propane. Unlike the Coleman Camping Sportster Backpacking Stove, the Jetboil uses propane (butane or isobutane) and its Fluxring cooking pot with insulating cozy, to make boiling water so easy, and keep it warm. It has a fast boil time people found, as did we, which clocks 16 ounces of water set to boil in under 100 seconds. And with its push button igniter, getting a fire going is a snap. It does suffer in windy conditions, however. Once you set up a windshield, you can really get a fire going.


The Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon may look strange at first. What is that tall structure sticking out from the top? That’s the Fluxring cooking pot, and it’s detachable to reveal the actual stove. The Fluxring is the MVP of the show, fitted with all kinds of features. The lid itself has a strainer which can be used to drink from or used for food. Most importantly it changes color along the side as its heat indicator. Even with the cup, it’s fairly easy to store but not quite like a Ohuhu Camping Stove.


What holds the Jetboil Flash Cooking System Carbon back is its price. Spending $110 is a lot to ask from someone who just wants the convenience of a stove in the wild—and you have to buy fuel canisters. But let’s look at the big picture: you’re getting more than just a portable stove. Johnson Outdoors gives you a measuring cup (doubles as a bowl) and a 1-liter Fluxring cooking cup which you can purchase a java kit pot support to make coffee, free shipping, and other kits. In other words: it has a fair amount of value that we can get behind. If you prefer propane and want to save money, a good alternative is the MSR PocketRocket Stove.

Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon Wrap Up

The Jetboil Camping Stove Cooking System Carbon might just be our favorite portable stove. Its features are what sold us: push button igniter, high-performance fuel, and its heat indicator. It’s a high entry price, but it sets you up for more accessories you can add down the line—especially for serious campers.

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