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The iPhone 11 is the best iPhone to date, and the iPhone 11 Pro makes a commendable effort to add additional features over the run-of-the-mill apple iphone 11. It has a better battery life, three cameras, and a powerful A13 Bionic processor running everything, from games to the camera itself.

Why We Like It – iPhone 11 Pro Review

A commendable improvement over last year’s iPhone 10, with a longer battery, ultra wide lens, and a powerful A13 Bionic Chip to run every process.

  • Triple camera system; 12MP and 4K video
  • Great performance in low light
  • Bundled with a faster charger
  • 64GB is low for base model
  • Shorter battery life


The kind of power the iPhone 11 Pro has is thanks to the A13 Bionic Chip; in fact, all the Pro models and new iphones, the A13 Bionic chip is used almost exclusively with variations to generation. With such a strong processor, it runs apps smoothly like games or the camera app.

The 11 Pro also has a triple camera system, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Features like the new Night Mode are great in low light, competing directly with the Samsung Galaxy. However, the 11 Pro Max has a slightly better battery life of 12 hours over the 11 Pro’s 10 hours.


The iPhone 11 Pro hasn’t surprised us with its overall design, though more colors like midnight green and gold are available. It hasn’t changed, although it continues the trend of being sleek and high-quality. What matters most is the new features and what’s underneath, right? For example, on the back are three cameras, not just one rear camera, or two cameras like the iPhone XS Max has. You’ve got a telephoto lens, wide lens, and ultra wide. It’s nice to have more than a telephoto camera, especially for would-be photographers.


The iPhone 11 Pro is a powerhouse. Its performance and design all make it worth every penny. Is it worth the jump from $700 to $999? Only if you want those extra features and cameras. Not to mention 64GB is abysmal. Still, you get a faster charger bundled inside.

But if you want something less expensive, you should consider Android phones. They have incredibly powerful models that are just as good as new phones, but also cheap ones for the sake of functionality. If you’re sticking to Apple, then the iPhone SE 2020 is a viable option.

iPhone 11 Pro Review Wrap Up

If you’re a huge Apple fan, you’re obviously going to love the iPhone 11 Pro—it’s a nice boost from the original iPhone 11, with added features and cameras to justify the price. Its 3-camera system has 12MP and 4K video, which perform well in low light shots. However, you should consider opting for larger storage; 64GB isn’t enough if you’re constantly taking pictures.

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