The Invisible Glove Keeps Crud Off Your Hands

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Updated June 27, 2022


If you work with your hands a lot, you’re probably spending a lot of time washing your hands. Grease, paint, chemicals, and other general crud collects on your skin and makes cleaning up perhaps more of a chore than it should be. Which is where the Invisible Glove comes in. This will keep your hands clean, even when you’re working with the best leaf blower. You should also look into best shop cloth.

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

The Invisible Glove is, well, what it’s supposed to do is pretty obvious; slap it on and then get to work. Essentially, applying it to nice dry hands gives you a barrier of sorts; as the lotion soaks into your hands and dries, it forms a thin layer that the crud can collect on. This will be perfect for the next time that you’re doing work with your best socket wrench. Then, when you’re ready to be crud free, you just wash your hands.

But Does It Work?

Opinions on this seem to vary. Industrial workers probably know the Invisible Glove better as “barrier cream”, a subset of protective products designed to prevent skin reactions. They generally use water-repelling chemicals like zinc oxide or dimethicone in order to keep various contaminants away from your skin, and kaolinite and other additives can keep chemicals out of your pores. Now you can work with the best aluminum polish, without having to worry about your hands getting dirty.

It works because, well, a lot of industries, including professional sports, make use of it to prevent skin infections and other problems. The real question is “Does Invisible Glove work?” The short answer is “yes.”

Speaking From Personal Experience


I’ve used this stuff in the past and honestly, for home jobs and light repair work it’s absolutely great. It’s really designed less for professional mechanics and other guys working hard jobs with lots of grease and more for people looking to protect their hands during light jobs at home; I’ve had it fail on me when I’m doing something really nasty, and I’d recommend pairing it with some tough work gloves for hard jobs. But if you’re just doing some painting or some light car repair, Invisible Glove will keep your hands clean.

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