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Ikea Introduces Wireless Charging Furniture, Lamps

Wireless charging has entered the mobile market at multiple levels. We have pads, we have coasters, we have cases – and now we have tables and lamps, thanks to an innovative new line by Ikea.

Ikea has long focused on the dorm room/first apartment crowd, but its new Home Smart range, announced at the Mobile World Congress, goes a step further and offers both tech and furniture designed for the younger crowd: These new furniture pieces include targeted circles built into the surface. Put your phone or other mobile device on that plus sign (or is it an X?) and it will wirelessly charge your device as long as it sits there.


The furniture company is using the broadly popular Qi charging standard for its furniture line, which is set to include lampd, a bedside table, and a coffee table. Ikea is also smartly offering wireless charging pads that you can place over any existing or additional furniture to give them charging capabilities – like traditional pads, but with a more…Ikeaish look – If you don’t like any of the new products.

So, assuming you can put everything together correctly, these Ikea products offer a fun combination of advantages, plus a win for the Qi charging standard as it faces a growing number of new alternative standards in the tech world. Of course, you’ll still need to plug that particular lamp or table into an outlet for the wireless charging to work, so placement is a little limited.

While Ikea has provided plenty of press photos, information on release dates and pricing is still slim to none, so we’ll have to wait and see on some of the key details. Really, it’s surprising no one has thought of this before, and it will be interesting to see if Ikea suddenly has any higher-end furniture charging competitors appear on the scene.

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