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Not everyone wants to carry a wallet. Some of us only have a card or two, maybe emergency money. Why not take the convenience of a wallet and strap it to your smartphone? After all, just about everyone is carrying one. The Icarer Case does that, making it one of the best iPhone cases, and generally, the best cell phone case today

Why We Like It – Icarer Case Review

Prefer style of protection? Then this is the phone case for you. It brings together the convenience of a wallet into a case that fits over your phone, without being bulky and unwieldy.

  • Combines your wallet with your phone
  • Stylish faux leather
  • Affordable
  • Offers very little protection


What helps bring your wallet and phone together are the small cutouts for charging and camera. This never hindederd us when using the Icarer Case. Sadly, this case offers very little protection. In fact, if you drop your phone, the flap will almost always open, leaving your phone’s screen to feel the brunt of the fall. If you were hoping for phone protection, this is not the case to go with. Consider using a Mkeke iPhone Case instead or an OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case. Still, the case itself will last long if taken care of.


One look at the Icarer Case and one word comes to mind: luxurious. The curved edge vintage looks definitely does it justice and combines well with a modern smartphone. However, this isn’t a genuine leather case; it would cost far more. Instead, this uses high-quality faux leather. Opening it reveals pockets for several cards and an inside seam for money. Unfortunately, the Icarer iPhone Case is limited to iPhone 7, 8, and SE—at least this model is. There is an Icarer Samsung Galaxy model, if you happen to own one.

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As far as value goes, the Icarer Case is at least conscious that it isn’t meant for protection. Instead, the Icarer Case is perfect for the minimalist. Rather than lug your wallet and phone in separate pockets, you can bring them together. This is seen with the 3 pockets inside and hidden seam for money. At the same time, it feels really good in the hands and the textured faux leather does help with gripping, unlike the smoothness of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case. And it’s only $16! Just know going in that this won’t protect your phone.

Icarer Case Review Wrap Up

The Icarer Case did a wonderful job bringing together the bulkiness of a wallet and smartphone, into a slim case that looks stylish and premium. The pockets inside for credit cards and money made it a highly convenient feature, while also appealing to minimalists. However, do understand that it offers very little in the way of protection.

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