How To Use A Singing Bowl

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Updated June 27, 2022

No doubt you have seen the Youtube singing bowls videos and sound healings that feature the relaxing sounds of singing bowls. It also shows up in meditation videos. Maybe you want some of that inner peace and meditation more often by getting yourself a singing bowl. There’s just one problem. You don’t know how to use a singing bowl. No worries. I can help. That way you can use the best singing bowl set to great effect.

How To Use A Singing Bowl – What Is It?

Tibetan singing bowls are essentially a bell in the shape of a bowl that vibrates to produce a deep tone. These bowls go by several names: Singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, sound bowls or Himalayan bowls. Many people find the sounds that they produce to be relaxing and they are often used during meditation to attain a very deep state of tranquility. Many also believe that the sounds have very real healing properties.

These Himalayan singing bowls or instruments are believed to be among the oldest of instruments and have been used by monks for centuries in monasteries in meditation practice. Buddhists singing bowls have a long and fascinating history.

In more modern times they have seen a lot of use by alternative medicine practitioners such as yoga therapy, meditation centers, and massage therapy.

What Is A Singing Bowl Used For?

These bowls are used to reduce stress, as an aid to reach a deeper meditative state and even get relief from pain. There are those who believe that the sound waves produce vibrations which result in a boosted immunity and bring the cells of the body into harmony, helping with diseases.

Are There Any Proven Benefits To Using Singing Bowls?

Even though there is a serious lack of scientific data, one study looked at 54 people who had chronic spinal pain. These test subjects were assigned to three groups: Those who would get six sessions with a singing bowl, a placebo, or no treatment. Interestingly, the singing bowl group and the placebo test subjects both experienced a significant decrease in the intensity of pain.

A 2014 study focused on a meditation session where a singing bowl was used for 12 minutes. The findings indicated a significant reduction in heart rate and systolic blood pressure.

Though we have a small amount of scientific data, users of these bowls swear by them and many claim that they get a wide range of health benefits when they play singing bowls.

How To Use A Singing Bowl

Learning how to use a singing bowl is easy. All you have to do is use your mallet by pressing it against the rim of the meditation bowl. Apply pressure firmly to the rim of the bowl and move it in a circular motion. What you want a crisp and clear tone and then you can slow down and explore the sound. Instead of just using your wrist, use your entire arm as you make the motion.

This also works on the outside of the Himalayan bowl. In addition, some people like the sound it makes when one strikes the bowl like a gong. Or the softer sound from gently striking it. There are some schools of thought about how to get the right tone, but in the end, it is all about what sounds the most pleasant to your own ears.

It is really that simple. Now that you know how to use your musical bowl, have fun and enjoy it. It is a great way to relax the stress away. Using a singing bowl in meditation is just amazing.

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