How to Use a Printer with a Phone

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Updated November 18, 2022

Like most forms of technology, the best printers continue to evolve to meet the needs of the modern world. And as remote work and satellite offices become commonplace, the best all-in-one printers are often found as affordable solutions that cover a range of needs.


  • Many modern printers come with preinstalled software for all brands of mobile devices.
  • To use a mobile device for printing, download the proper software/apps, open the document, and adjust settings as desired.
  • Certain printer manufacturers, like Canon, have apps that allow users greater ability to configure print preferences.

Additionally, as mobile devices become integrated into every facet of life, employees desire to conduct print jobs with their cell phones. If this is something you’ve wanted to learn, below, we’ll explain how to use a printer with a phone for anyone looking to modernize their print game.

Insider Tip

If your desired printer isn’t appearing in the device list, try restarting your phone after downloading the device driver or print software.

All-in-one printers do more than connect to phones. They even go back in time and fax too. For more, read our article on how to fax from a printer without a telephone line.

How to Use a Phone with an All-In-One Printer

Whether you’re team Android or Apple, you can print if your phone’s capable of downloading a print app. Knowing how to set up an all-in-one printer to connect with a smartphone is simple, especially now that many printer manufacturers unleashed dedicated apps for mobile download.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to get started. Once you’ve configured the print settings, your options are many. You can scan from a printer to an iPhone in many cases. However, the process looks slightly different depending on the printer model and make of the phone.

Lastly, if your printer faces maintenance issues, we have a resource explaining repairs for wireless printing for all-in-one printers.

Printing With an HP Printer

STEP 1 Connect Devices to the Same Wi-Fi Network

Ensure that the phone and printer are connected to the same wireless network.

STEP 2 Download the Correct Mobile App

iPhone Users: Enter the app store and download the AirPrint app. Most HP printers have AirPrint preinstalled and will connect automatically. Alternatively, you can use the Canon Print App with most brand printers like the Canon CP1300.

Android Users: Enter the Google Play Store and download the HP Print Service app. Go into your device settings, find the plug-in, and set the toggle switch to ON.

STEP 3 Open Document and Print Settings

iPhone Users: Open your browser or files app to the correct document. Then press the share button (It looks like a square with an arrow coming out the top.) Press the print option, select your printer, and press print.

Android Users: Open the document you wish to print and then press the three circles to open the options dropdown menu. In this menu, select the print option. Then, choose your printer and press print.

Printing With a Canon Printer

STEP 1 Connect Devices to the Same Wi-Fi Network

Connect the phone/printer to the same wireless network.

STEP 2 Download the Correct Mobile App

iPhone Users: Go into the Apple App Store and download AirPrint. Additionally, download the Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY app to access Canon’s unique features and settings options.

Android Users: Download the Canon Print Service driver. Then go into your settings to enable the driver. For more settings options, also download the CanonPrint Inkjet/SELPHY app.

STEP 3 Open Document and Print Settings

iPhone Users: To print through regular AirPrint, open the document and press the share button. Then select your printer, adjust the preferences, and then press print.

If you want to use the Canon app, open the app and follow the instructions to select your printer. Then, go to the homepage and select “Document Print.” From there, choose your document/photo. Then set preferences: paper size, type, color adjustments, etc.

Once you’ve selected the correct settings, press “Print.”

Android Users: Open the selected document and press the three dots to open the options menu. Select “Print.” Once you’ve chosen the right printer, press print. Then adjust the settings and press “Print” to complete the job.

Open the Canon app to set up your printer for additional settings options. From there, you can select from the vast range of print options.


Older printers may not come with the preinstalled AirPrint and Good Cloud Print software. As a result, you may have to go through additional steps to set up mobile printing. Also, it may not be available at all if the printer model is too old.

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How to Use a Printer with a Phone FAQs

Do all printers connect to mobile devices?

Most modern printers have the tech to allow mobile print jobs. However, many older printers won't have the software preinstalled.

Will Android devices print via USB cable?

If you can find an adapter to convert the USB end to an Android charger, you'll be able to connect.

Can you connect an iPad to a printer?

Connecting an iPad to a printer is the same process as connecting an iPhone.
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