How to Connect Gaming Headset to PS3

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Updated October 25, 2022

Playstation 3 gamers wonder how to connect a gaming headset to a PS3 when buying a new pair of headphones. However, this information can be hard to find for use with the best gaming headset. As new generations of Playstations are released, the older generations fall into obsolescence.


  • You will need a Bluetooth gaming headset or a wired gaming headset to use your pair of headphones with a Playstation 3.
  • If you have a compatible Bluetooth headset, pair it with the below method by accessing the settings menu.
  • You may need a sound splitter if you have a 3.5 mm cable that requires multiple ports, and you may not be able to use a microphone with it.

To connect your new headset to your PS3, you need a connection method, such as Bluetooth or an audio cable. Then, you can find the settings for your headset in the options menu. You may also be interested in learning how to connect a gaming headset to an audio interface. Alternatively, you can learn how to connect a gaming headset to a Mac if you need to as well. If your headset is wireless and not charging properly, we have a guide on how to fix a wireless charging port for a gaming headset that you can read to fix it.

How to Hook Up a Gaming Headset to a PS3

Many gamers consider you lucky if you still have a Playstation 3 (PS3) today. However, the headset connections remain a challenge for this generation of consoles. After all, you can connect with a 3.5 mm audio cable only if you want to hear the game sound and not speak. Alternatively, you can read our guide on how to get a headset to work on Xbox, or, if needed, how to fix an Xbox One headset.

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You may need an audio splitter or adapter to connect a two-pronged 3.5 mm wired headset.

To use a microphone with your PS3, you will need an adapter or splitter that can handle input and output devices. If you just want to listen, you can simply plug your cable into the TV and control the volume with a remote. The other option is to use a compatible Bluetooth headset and control the volume using the headset or PS3. Read on to find out how. If people tell you your microphone is making weird noises, check out how to control pops on a gaming headset. Additionally, if you are hearing yourself when talking to others, follow our guide on how to disable the echo on a gaming headset. Lastly, if you have a surround sound headset, you will need to make sure to configure the 7.1 headset to make sure you are getting the full benefits.

Method 1: Connect Your Bluetooth Headset to PS3

  • Time to Complete: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed:
    • PS3
    • Controller
    • Gaming headset
    • Bluetooth capability
  • Steps: 5
  1. Turn your Bluetooth product on. You will need a power supply to connect the product to your PS3.
  2. Enter pairing mode on your device. Usually, you press and hold a button to enter this option. However, some headsets require you to slide a switch instead of a button.
  3. Go into your Playstation dock or home menu and select “Settings.” This option looks like a gear, just as the settings menu does on a mobile device or later generation Playstations.
  4. From “Settings,” select “Accessory Settings,” followed by “Manage Bluetooth Devices.” If any Bluetooth devices have previously connected to your Playstation console, you access them through this menu. When the message pops up, select “Yes” to continue.
  5. Click on “Start Scanning” to search for nearby devices, including your Bluetooth-enabled headset. You should know your device’s name before searching, and you can find it in the user’s manual. Likewise, your passcode for connecting should be in your user’s manual or the manufacturer’s website. Try “0000,” as many manufacturers choose a basic passcode if you can’t find it.

Method 2: Connecting Your Wired Headset to PS3

  • Time to Complete: 5 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Needed:
    • PS3
    • Controller
    • Gaming headset
    • Audio cable or Bluetooth capability
    • Audio splitter or sound card (for multiple audio cords)
  • Steps: 4
  1. Turn on your PS3. You need access to your console to pair your wired headset or wireless headset with the system. Some Playstation devices can be connected by plugging them into the USB port on the front of the console with an audio splitter per our instructions.
  2. Gather your gaming headset and its connecting device. If you have a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth is already built-in. Your audio cable should be already connected if you have a wired headset.
  3. Connect your device if you haven’t already. Audio cables with the Playstation design can plug into the audio port on your favorite controller for gaming sessions. You need a splitter or USB soundcard if you have a model with two audio cords.
  4. Access the settings for your device under “Audio Device Settings.” Here, you can adjust your microphone volume level. For example, you may need to make your microphone level louder if you have a quiet voice or quieter if you have a loud voice. You may need to manually mute your microphone to take cell phone calls and reduce background noise.


You may not find the passcode for your headset, so you should enter “0000” if you cannot.


Can you use a PS4 headset on the PS3?

You can use a PS4 Bluetooth headset or USB wireless headphones. However, you won’t use the microphone and the ears on the USB dongle headset.

How do you find out the passkey to connect a Bluetooth device to a PS3?

The passkey varies between wireless headsets, but if you can’t find yours in your user’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website, try “0000.”

Is there any way to make the official PS3 Bluetooth headset work on the PS4?

You might get it to work by plugging it into the controller, but you must enable the microphone. Additionally, there is no indicator for whether the microphone works, so you will need someone to tell you. Some people have tried using a USB soundcard as well, with some success.

STAT: ​​Bluetooth® discovery mode sets up the headset as a standard Bluetooth® headset. (source)

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