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Google Pixel 4a Review

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Bridging a gap between budget prices and a good smartphone, the Google Pixel 4A offers one of the best performances and a great camera all at a cheaper price. Compare this with another budget option like the BLU G9 Pro which lacks on what it can do compared to the Google Pixel 4A. It even packs in a pretty solid polycarbonate build which along with the 5.8″ Full HD+ OLED display gives the Pixelbook 4A a higher quality look and feel. With as many phones on the market you’ll want to know you’re getting the best, to do so we recommend you check our Best Smartphone in 2020.

Why We Like It – Google Pixel 4a

Standing out to potentially be the best android phone overall, the Google Pixel 4A makes for an amazing alternative to the more expensive phones. Coming with pretty good battery life and one of the best cameras you can get on a phone, the Pixelbook 4A stands on par, if not surpasses many of the more premium phones out there.

  • Great camera
  • Budget friendly price
  • Good performance
  • Not water resistant


Standing out with its 12 MP rear camera which shoots great photos in both the day and night, the Google Pixel 4A takes images with quality almost on par with that of phones like the Samsung Galaxy A70. When taking photos in low light, you can use the phones Night Sight mode and with the added time lapse capability you can now use the camera in your phone much more extensively. While the time lapse may not be that rare a feature to have on your phone, to have one in a phone so cheap with such a great camera is something you don’t see very often. Moreover, it also lets you take pretty good pictures in portrait mode while also allowing you to adjust the blurs and depth of field focus after you take the shot, so you don’t need to worry about someone photobombing your pictures anymore.

The front facing camera is no slouch either with a 8MP camera which also features HDR and with a 1080p video capability is great video calls. Overall, the front camera of the Pixel 4A is good but it doesn’t unfortunately support wide angle selfies so you’ll still need the selfie stick to get your whole family.


The display of the Google Pixel 4A offers a 5.8″ Full HD+ OLED gorilla glass. While you don’t get an on screen fingerprint sensor there is one at the back. On the other hand, the Pixel 4A has a pretty good battery life, letting you last almost an entire day thanks to the Lithium ion batteries adaptive battery learning to save you power and accommodate your habits. When it comes to charging, the Pixel 4A misses out on wireless charging.

Additionally, the Google Pixel 4A also comes with a headphone jack like the UMiDigi X Smartphone and it also offers an unlimited storage for ‘high quality’ photos on google photos. While saving the images in their original quality will take up space, the high quality really isn’t that different for snapshots here and then. Finally, the Google Pixel 4A may not have front facing speakers, but the speakers at the bottom are pretty decent for such an affordable price and while the 128 GB storage on the device is more than most will need and it can be expanded with a SD card.

With a qualcomm snapdragon processor it’s more than just good enough to be compared to an oneplus nord. All charged by a usb c the pixel phone puts the iphone se to shame with it’s custor forward approach. Regardless if you think having a black phone is a trend from last year the pixel phones are still getting software updates to improve performance.


With cell phone prices continuing to rise it’s not too surprising to see the cost up at $349.99 but when you compare it to some competitors you’ll find them doubling the price of every phone, it’s still semi comforting to see the phone staying lower but keeping quality high.

Google Pixel 4a Wrap Up

The Google Pixel 4a is a cheap but well designed and functionally packed phone that most will be happy with for years to come due to the aforementioned functions and size compared to other cheap phones.