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Gigabyte Aivia Neon Touch-Charge Air Presenter Mouse Review

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Updated January 25, 2022


Gigbayte is one of the most formidable competitors in the video card and motherboard arenas. Their success in such affords them much in the way of R&D in other markets like laptops, tablets, audio solutions and various PC peripherals–both mundane and unconventional. The last Gigabyte product we stripped down was the on-ear FLY headphone set–a noble and honest budget offering well-priced and sleek. This time out we have something slightly new–the company’s variation on a theme. So, if you conduct presentations using the best ipads, you can also try getting this device to improve how you present to your audience.

The Gigabyte Aivia Neon Touch-Charge Air Presenter Mouse is a wireless input device styled for showing off documents, files and presentations with some expanded functionality. It’s not just another laser-pointer presenter. It comes with the main wireless air presenter mouse, which houses a portable USB nano receiver underneath similar to the two wireless mice we reviewed from Mad Catz. Yet the inernal lithium battery is rechargeable via the same Nano USB receiver. Simply open the side compartment and align the medal tips within, with the matching metal tips on the end of the charger/receiver dongle. It’s smart stuff. Except, the dongle and mouse set up were clearly made to work with laptops of specific height. But placing a stack of paper of a thin book under the mouse helps give height if you’re using something taller than a laptop, such as a keyboard’s USB hub. The Aivia Neon also ships with a rugged water-resistant carrying case similar to smartphone satchel, USB adapter cable, dust resistance cloth to keep the 1200dpi laser sensor clean a manual and “extra member bonus reward” card with semacode for redemption at the Gigabyte website. On another note, if you have an Apple iPad and you are looking for a case that enables multiple viewing angles, click our ESR iPad case review.

SAMSUNG CSCThe Aivia Neon wireless presenter mouse benefits from ease of use and intuitive design. It’s a smaller wireless mouse with familiar left- and right-click buttons, scroll-wheel, a “mouse button”, “free-scroll” button and laser pointer button. The unit fits easily in a single hand. However, it’s designed to be held with your right palm underneath the mouse and not over it like your garden variety mice. In this way your right index finger can reach underneath and press the mouse button on the lower left side of the mouse. It’s immediately clear the this input device is rightie-biased and “no bueno” for lefties. Also, while very elegant and classy in the all black motif, it’s overly smooth and can slip easily from one’s grasp. It’s not a major problem at all.

Plus setup is a plug-and-play affair. The software installation is completely optional and is only meant for scribbling on documents and webpages while holding the Painter button down. With it, you can get legible notes at best, which is fine. But don’t expect to finish that term paper while lazily laying in bed, using this method. Other than that Aivia Neon wireless mouse is pretty cool. It’s a better style input dvice/laser presenter than the FAVI SmartStick Mini Bluetooth keyboard we reviewed last year. The Aivia Neon may not sport fancy QWERTY style keyboard functionality. But it’s a much better mouse than the FAVI unit, where performance feels natural and smoother. If you’ve ever used the wireless wand on a Nintendo Wii, then you’ll be pleasantly at home with the Aivia Neon control and form of use. To take you on a different turn, if you like play action games, check out our Infinity blade iii review.


Bottome Line: Gigabyte has a nice little package here with this one. Plus it makes a fantastic laser pointer for any situation since the laser works off the battery and independent of the USB nano receiver. A more textured feel would help with the grip in-hand plus an ambidextrious design or expansion to the line would help our left-handed kinsmen. As is, this one works well as business-class laser presenter and a fantastic crutch to support your arm-chair delights for controlling recreational media from a distance.