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Updated October 25, 2022

Using a gaming headset replacement cable to fix your headset is surprisingly easy. There are only a few steps, and the process requires little technical knowledge.


  • First, strip the cable that you need to repair using a wire stripper. Next, do the same thing with the replacement cable.
  • Trim away any excess cable to ensure you have the right length, and then connect the two using a lighter. Then, wrap it in electrical tape, and this step is complete.
  • You’ll need to figure out what cable is correct for your headset. Most brands will tell you what audio cable accessories they use in the production of their headsets.

Buying a replacement can feel like a nightmare when you invest in the best gaming headset. Alternatively, check out our top-rated earbuds for Xbox One if you need a more compact headset. Instead of reaching for your wallet, find the answers in the product info for the type of replacement cable you need. After that, follow the guide below to fix your headset.

Guide to Basic Cable Repair for Your Gaming Headset

You can order the correct connector type for this job online with some credit card details and a few judgment calls based on the breakdown by star rating of products. The method laid out below quickly repairs frayed cables or a broken plug.

Insider Tip

Using an anti-interference cable will keep your wires safe from electrical interference.

To figure out which parts you need, look into the product info for your headset. DIY methods are available for all aspects of the gaming audio experience. Learning how to perform a gaming headset mic replacement is just as important. Additionally, we have other simple guides you can follow with how to change batteries in a gaming headset or connect a gaming headset to an audio interface.


First, strip the outer coating of your headset cable. Use the wire stripper to do this, going slowly to avoid mistakes. You can also use a knife to remove the cable jacket. Add minimal pressure to avoid damaging your original cable.


Now, you should be able to see the cable wire color. You should be able to see red, green, blue, and copper strands. Set the alternative replacement cable piece to the side.


Repeat the process for your headset to be able to join the two different segments. Keep the original cable steady during this process to avoid damaging products.


Once you expose both the replacement cable and the headset cable, you can join them. Use the lighter to gently solder wires of the same color together. If a fire begins growing, just blow it out.


Finally, wrap the wires together. Do this gently so that you don’t destroy the progress you’ve made. This is crucial because messing up this step could mean the DIY project turns into a total replacement.


Wrap the bundles of wires in electrical tape. Don’t use too much pressure, but make sure they’re tightly wound. After this, all that’s left is testing it on connected devices. If you need to troubleshoot anything, we have a great article explaining why your gaming headset speaker and microphone both don’t work at the same time.


While professional gaming headsets provide incredible sound, they are far out of budget for most people.


What type of cable do I need?

That depends on the headset you’re using. Here are some examples of cables you might use:

  • Astro A10 A40 Cable
  • 2.0M Astro A40TR Cable Cord
  • G433 Cable Aux Cord Replacement

What are compatible devices for my surround sound headset?

Always read the product description of any headset before purchasing to ensure it can connect to your mobile device, computer, or gaming system. Different lines, like the Logitech Astro, will have different product dimensions and connection requirements.

How can I get better sound experiences from my headset?

Sound quality depends on a few factors. The headset you use is the first. For example, investing in Dolby audio systems will always bring better sound quality. Your external sound card will factor in, as well.

Why should I use gold-plated connectors?

If you look at a percentage breakdown of corroded cables, very few of them will be gold-plated. A gold-plated weaving audio cord provides the best defense against wear and tear.

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