Field Logic GlenDel Archery Replaceable Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 5 in the best archery target buying guide, the field logic glendel buck archery target is a smaller version of its full rut counterpart, perks and all. Only two sides of the replaceable core glendel is exposed when placed in the buck, making it function similarly to the Field Logic Block Genz Youth Archery Target, saving the other two sides for later practices. Before we go into details, learn more about the best hunting and shooting equipment and how to use them.

Why We Like It – Field Logic GlenDel Archery Replaceable

Some reviews have recommended to please try this portable target and we couldn’t agree more! This 34 in. “buck” has a core that’s replaceable that provides easy arrow removal and a challenging way to improve an archer’s skills. The whole thing is surprisingly light for its size.

  • Easier arrow removal
  • Lightweight
  • Works with field tip and broadhead arrows
  • Core can shift in slot during practice
  • Potential shipping issues

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Due to polyfusion technology, this target allows for easy arrow removal. It also has a long target life due to having a replaceable insert core. The replaceable core has four sides that offer large shooting surfaces. Unfortunately, the user will have to make sure that the arrow hits the core. Otherwise, the arrow can be difficult to remove without damaging the arrow, and like with the morrell double 450fps archery target, the user will also have to keep in mind that arrows aside from field point tip arrows will be more difficult to remove from the target.


As an archery target, it takes the shape of a real size buck to simulate hunting a (non-moving) 200 pound buck. This target isn’t for beginners, as it’s smaller and doesn’t have a high contrast in colors. Unlike the simplistic shapes, clear lines of separation, and easily visible contrast of colors of the Delta McKenzie Speed Bag Archery Target, the target has a thin black outline that wouldn’t be easy to see at a far enough distance.


The core itself is durable, but some customers who had a verified purchase in the United States have stated that everything aside from the core is capable of breaking, whether it was from setting up the buck, or shooting arrows at it. Unless the user is a good enough archer and can properly set it up without breaking a part of it, everything but the core won’t last very long.

Field Logic GlenDel Archery Replaceable Wrap Up

Customer reviews have pointed out that the customer service can be hit-or-miss in terms of shipping the item, as there have been incidents of targets getting damaged before arriving to the customer. It’s also not for beginners, and can be difficult to see the outline of the buck’s heart at a distance..

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