Field Logic Block GenZ Youth Archery Arrow Target Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While not included in the best archery target buying guide, the field logic block genz youth archery target offers the endurance to ensure a longer target life using open layer technology. To add a special touch to this light weight arrow target, field logic gave it the capability of enduring more than just the field point arrows. And if hunting is your thing, check out our post on the best hunting and shooting kits.

Why We Like It – Field Logic Block GenZ Youth Archery Arrow Target

This portable and versatile archery target has the ability to recover from being punctured by different types of arrows, has a surprisingly long target life, and provides an easier way to remove those arrows. Also, the aiming points offer great visibility from far distances with its high contrast in colors.

  • Can be used with all arrow point types
  • Can withstand 40 Lbs. of draw weight
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Small

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Unlike the block classic 22 archery target, that only stops arrows with field tips on them without leaving big holes when removed, the user can not only use field point arrows on this target block, but also mechanical broadheads and fixed-blade broadheads. As long as the bow has a draw weight of no more than 40 Lbs., the user can essentially use any type of bow and arrow they want. After an arrow is removed, the spot impacted by it reverts to normal.


The high contrast in colors makes it easier to see from further distances. The polyfusion technology is what gives the user the benefits of easier arrow removal, and allows the user more options of bows and arrows they can use to shoot at the target. However, unlike the morrell double 450fps archery target, it only has two usable sides; arrows can be shot into as opposed to four usable sides.


It’s cheaper than the Delta McKenzie speedbag and is especially cheaper than the morrell archery target. Despite the cheaper cost, it’s managed to be sturdier than that speedbag, while allowing the user to use multiple types of bows and arrows like the morrell archery target. However, unlike the Delta McKenzie speedbag and the morrell archery target, there’s no need to replace any sort of external shielding because of the “healing” factor. As long as the user doesn’t have a bow with a 40 pound draw weight, it’s a great investment.

Field Logic Block GenZ Youth Archery Arrow Target Wrap Up

Reviews from the United States, even from years ago, have said that this was a great target to use. It’s four inches shorter than the Delta McKenzie Speed Bag Archery Target, but what it lacks in height, it makes up for in multiple ways. The longer target life, light weight, and overall portability only seem to solidify how high quality this target really is.

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