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You don’t want to head into the woods with just any knife. The ESEE 4P Explore is not just any fixed blade knife. It competes with the Best Survival Knives available and has a loyal fanbase who swear by it.

Why We Like It – ESEE 4P Fixed Blade Knife Review

The ESEE 4P Fixed Blade Knife has all the strength and durability of a large survival knife while only clocking in at 9-inches. That means you can take care of business without and added bulk on your hip.

  • Quality craftsmanship and design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Compact but durable for hard use
  • Sheath may hang high on the hip


Any knife ESEE comes out with performs well in the wilderness, and the 4P Explore is no exception. This knife is lauded as being great for bushcraft, but can be depended on for hiking, camping, and professional tactical use as well. This ESEE strikes a fantastic balance between size and utility. It definitely performs like a larger knife.


With a fixed blade, plain edge design, the ESEE 4P is designed for hard use in most outdoor applications. The blade is high carbon steel and has a suitable 4.5-inch blade length. Its handle is a grey linen micarta handle with good grip and durability. The 4P also comes with a desert tan kydex sheath that will reliably protect your survival knife from the elements and keep it secure.


You can get a fixed blade knife that’s cheaper than the ESEE 4P. However, ESEE knives are all guaranteed for life, wherever you are in the world, so that’s an assurance to consider. This knife is known to be able to withstand heavy use and abuse, so you truly get the reliability that you pay for. If you want something with a bit of a sleeker, more modern look than the Ka Bar Full Size U S Marine Corps Fighting Knife, then this is a good bet. It’s more comparable to the Morakniv Bushcraft and Gerber LMF II knives.

ESEE 4P Fixed Blade Knife Review Wrap Up

You may be tempted to get a survival knife with a larger blade, but once you use this ESEE you’ll most likely come to the conclusion that it’s exactly what you need to get the job done. The quality of construction is noticeable from the very first time you lay hands on it. Most likely, that quality will withstand the test of time and hard use in the outdoors.

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