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ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag Review

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The ECOOPRO is considered by many to be the best sleeping bag and is a warm weather sleeping bag that is ideal for camping backpacking hiking outings. While the ECOOPRO is not recommended or rated for cold weather, it has many great features, including being weather resistant, machine washable, and a compact lightweight, easy-to-stow sleep sack. Whether you are outdoor camping or using it in a camper, the ECOOPRO warm weather sleeping bag is a great option.

Why We Like It – Ecoopro Sleeping Bag

The ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag is among the best sleeping sacks when it comes to price and space-saving capabilities. It is lightweight and can easily be compressed to the smallest size possible, smaller than most all other adult-size camping gear. Another great option is the best messenger bags for men.

  • Great value and low price
  • Compression capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Is not suitable for cold-weather camping

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While the Teton Sports Leef 0 Sleeping Bag is rated for cold-weather camping, the temperature rating on the ECOOPRO warm weather sleeping bag is intended for temperatures around 55 to 60- degrees Fahrenheit. It is hard to compare two sleeping bags that serve different purposes. However, we can look at how the two perform as a lightweight sleeping bag. The zipper-closure, 100-percent nylon lining is breathable and skin-friendly. The Teton Sports is, while better suited for cold weather outdoor camping backpacking expeditions, is 3.5 times the weight. For high adventure outings, you will appreciate the lighter weight ECOOPRO, being made from a comfort-soft TC cotton lining. When camping, you will want a waterproof compact lightweight comfort and home-like place to sleep. The ECOOPRO gives you all of that and more. It is one of the best backpacking sleeping bags on the market since it is an ultralight sleeping sack.


Compared to the Western Mountaineering Summerlite Mummy 32F Sleeping Bag, the ECOOPRO warm weather sleeping sack is not filled with down, making it more hypoallergenic than other compression sack designs. It is also the closest lightweight sleeping to sack the Western Mountaineering with a modest difference of less than half an ounce. Each lightweight sleeping bag, though comparable in some aspects, differ dramatically in their warm weather sleeping versus cold-weather outdoor camping backpacking hiking gear. From a different angle, they are comparable in water resistant capabilities, being a suitable shelter during late spring to early fall weather conditions. The ECOOPRO is a portable waterproof compact lightweight compression sack great for some of the world’s best backpacking trips.


Compared to the Winner Outfitters Mummy, both camping backpacking sleeping sacks are equivalent in price. The ECOOPRO comes with a 1x year warranty and is one of the most cost-effective, high ranking backpacking sleeping sacks on the market. Coming in at under $40, you will be hard-pressed to find a more affordable camping bag that is water-resistant and is ultra-lightweight. While the Winners Outfitters is a mummy sleeping bag, if you are warm weather camping, you do not necessarily need the head covering, especially if you are tent camping. The ECOOPRO also has a larger foot box, allowing you ample room to move inside the comfortable sleeping bag. As far as best backpacking sleeping bags go, this ECOOPRO is worth every penny. The bag portable waterproof compact is priced low. It provides warm comfortable sleeping. Most sleeping bag portable waterproof camping gear
is expensive. The ECOOPRO is an all weather sleeping bag portable by design and is consistently the best backpacking sleeping sack for its price point. It is not a mummy sleeping sack, as it is mild-weather gear; therefore, the price is lower than other mid-year sleeping gear.

Ecoopro Sleeping Bag Wrap Up

The ECOOPRO is the ideal warm weather sleeping sack. While it cannot compare to the qualities of a cold-weather bag, it doesn’t try to compete. Rather, it stands out as a great value for warm weather and a lightweight camping sleeping bag. It is both water-resistant and weather-resistant, making it a beneficial tool for long mid-year hikes and camping trips. Depending on the terrain in which you are staying overnight, you may want a sleeping pad for extra comfort; however, the bag is lightweight enough that the additional sleeping gear will not weigh you down.

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