Apple is the biggest tech company in the world, and it can be the biggest company in the world period depending on its stock price this week. And there’s a lot to love about Apple. But recently, some bloom has come off the rose, and it might be time to consider what for many used to be the impossible; jumping the Apple ship for good.

1. The iMessage Disaster

If you’re not familiar, users who decide to go to Android inevitably start losing text messages. It’s because of Apple’s proprietary iMessage system; sure, you don’t use up your texts, but that also stores all your messages on Apple’s servers… and if you don’t have iMessage, it means you lose any text messages coming from iPhone.

How do you disenroll? You call Apple. Yes, you read that correctly.

2. The Lightning Connector

Every phone aside from the iPhone uses a standard connector, namely USB. It’s not the best solution, necessarily, but it does standardize everything. Apple, however, has not only stubbornly refused to use USB, for reasons that are unclear, they also introduced a new connector. To be fair, Lightning has its merits, and some of those are coming in the new USB standard, but it’s still a proprietary connector in an industry that has left those behind.

3. There’s Little Innovation

Nobody says it, but it’s true: Apple has been resting on its laurels pretty hard, technologically speaking. Aside from standard upgrades, there really hasn’t been a lot of difference between the last few iPhones. Processing power and RAM upgrades are important, of course, but it’s clear that Apple has lost interest in the iPhone and views it more as a way to raise money for its next innovation, than a place where its next innovation will go.

4. Android Has Caught Up To iOS

This is admittedly something of an opinion, and it’s not like iOS is somehow unusable. It’s an excellent mobile OS. The problem is that stock Android can have a better feel and is less of a pain in the butt to use in some respects. There’s also the problem of ease of use; ever try to swap out an operating system on an iPhone?

5. Apple Is Stuck In The Past…

Honestly, if I told you I had a phone with a proprietary connector, software I couldn’t change in any meaningful way, that doesn’t see a lot of change, and that I have to call the company to get any real support on… what does that sound like I’m describing, a modern-day smartphone or a phone from ten years ago? That Apple has refused to change with the times is becoming faintly ridiculous, especially in light of the biggest problem.

apple progress bar

6. …And Its History Is Repeating.

Apple has been here before: It introduces an innovative new product, pioneers a new market… and then stubbornly refuses to accept market realities as it gets crushed by those who come after. It happened with the PC and it’s happening with the smartphone: Apple’s market share is declining every quarter in both tablets and smartphones.

True, it’s still making money. But it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong and it begins to flail. Apple no doubt has something amazing coming up…but it’s not going to be for the iPhone.

Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."

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  1. he should have summed it up on #6 that this time Steve Jobs is not coming back to save Apple…LOL,,, seriously- RIP Steve Jobs—it’s not the same without you…

  2. You can definitely tell tell android users from ios users in the comments, Ios users put forward logical reasons and facts, (not just opinion with no logic), and the android user’s seem to show no intelligence as can be seen in those 6 reasons that overlap and make no sense.

  3. 1. You can disable iMessage before leaving iOS to avoid this. There have been reports some people have not realised this and have sold their phones without doing it, therefore their texts are still on the server, and anyone who messages them on that number automatically thinks they are on iMessage still, hence the actual text does not go to android. And those idiots are now suing Apple. Sure, the solution is to ‘call apple’, but that is after the actual solution to the problem is overlooked by people.

    2. Apple always has their own solutions, if you have such an issue with it, don’t be a part of it, they’ve always done this, its not a new thing. The lightning connector is new though, but if you seriously expect apple to live on the 10-year old technology in the 30 pin connector, you’re an idiot. Of course it needed updating, just like your micro USB changed from USB, and will again change in the future.

    3. Little innovation, sure. But who else is innovating? iPhone innovated what the modern smartphone is in 2007, and they’ve evolved from there. All other phone companies have just copied the innovation of the iPhone. Look up the best selling phones from 2006 and honestly tell me they are what got us to where we are. Apple innovates when introducing a product, and has evolutions from that point, and changes the entire market. iPod. iPad. Even something like the Macbook Air, first out in 2008, no hard drive or hard disks, super thin and light. People thought it would fail and it lacked what was necessary. It was apples answer to the shitty ‘netbook’ category. 6 years later, majority of laptops are ultra books, following a very similar DNA to a mac from 2008. Think about it.

    4. I honestly don’t have anything against android, it is a great operating system. This is purely a matter of opinion. (I actually love android phones, just as much as i love apple believe it or not. I just hate when Apple is completely bashed for completely stupid things)

    5. Addressed above ^. Just because Apple doesn’t give in to a standard charging cord it doesn’t make it a company from the past, come on. They put in effort and time to create everything for their own products, with they’re own technology, own design, own ideas. Just cause you don’t like it it doesn’t make it a company from the past. What a load of shit.

    6. The PC vs Macs fight goes way back to the 80’s. Long story short, there was a lot of innovation, from both sides, and then there was a lot of copying. What Apple made, was cheaply copied and sold on cheaper PC’s, which at the start of the computing era, boomed. Not many people know this because they grew up with PC’s more likely than not, so you just imagined that it was all of their ideas? The use of a mouse on a computer was an innovation by Apple, look into it. Apple learnt from that, and has patented most of its technology so it cannot happen again. I know they get a lot of shit from patents such as ‘a rectangle with rounded corners’ for the iphone, but stupid media makes that the star of the show, when really they have a whole lot of innovation worth protecting. And on the market share, you’d be interested to know that over 50% of the Android market share are from low cost phones sold in cheaper markets. They’re the $99 phones with 2 megapixel cameras and 3 inch screens sold in india and china to the billions of people over there. Of course market share will go up when you’re selling millions of these phones to those who cannot afford a high end phone. Apple stops selling their phones once they are 2 years old, and it does not reach the lower market. So yeah, they’re loosing market share. But are they loosing customers in the first world ? No chance. They’re still booming. Don’t believe any of these facts? Look into it, I’m not going to waste my time posting references.

  4. Critics critics have been saying this for years!!
    You have nothing to base this on but opinion. You will soon see.

  5. In response, here is why this list is invalid.
    1. The iMessage Disaster
    I message works great for me and honestly, I would miss it if I switched to android. So iMessage is actually a good reason not to switch

    2. The Lightning Connector
    It is correct that the nice thing about android is that it is universal. However, so people have iPhones that it honestly doesn’t make a difference whether or not it’s proprietary. Also, the lighting connector is awesome. It’s one solid piece, can go in either way, and is held in firmly.

    3. There’s Little Innovation
    With Steve Job’s death, innovation and quality has slowed, there is no question about that. However, innovation is still going strong. Take a look at the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner for example. It is the best quality scanner on a mobile device. Non directional and can read an entire fingerprint at once, making it fast and accurate.

    4. Android Has Caught Up To iOS
    It is correct that this is per opinion. It was also mentioned “ever try to swap out an operating system on an iPhone?”. Why would I want to change the OS? If I wanted android, I’d buy android.

    In summary, the iPhone is a great phone, and while there may be some good reasons to leave apple, non of the reasons mentioned in the article above are good or accurate

      1. Oh I had a look at the ipad air yesterday and although the design is stunning, my various tabs… Nexus 7 / xperia Z are much nicer to use. In the Apple apps there’s nothing consistent with other browsers for example.

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