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The DMI Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set provides one of the most comprehensive sets for those interested in smaller best archery target games: cricket. Instead of just a hanging dartboard and a few darts lying about, this cabinet holds and hides the dartboard. At the same time, the cabinet is wide enough to prevent stray darts from pegging your walls.

Why We Like It – DMI Bristle Dartboard

A nice upgrade from a simple dart board on the wall, this cabinet set hides the dartboard when it isn’t in use, has two sets of darts, and will prevent holes in your walls.

  • Holds two sets of darts
  • Hides bristle dartboard when not in use
  • Cabinet prevents holes in wall
  • Overpriced
  • So-so build quality


As far as playing cricket goes, you will have plenty of fun getting back into the swing of things, if you were an avid dart player. The darts are average, at best. They are designed like typical darts where the weight is in the tip rather than the back. The plastic tail, however, can be weak and oftentimes have broken for customers. The dartboard itself is self-healing, but takes longer than normal for it to revert back to its original self. If archery is more your style, then the Morrell Double 450FPS Archery Target should be right up your alley.


Since these are steel tip darts, it’s probably best kids avoid using them. A simple missplay and someone could have a dart sticking out of their arm. Adult supervision otherwise. If someone does miss, at least the cabinet will prevent some darts from hitting the wall, unlike a bulky Block Classic 22 Archery Target. When you’re finished playing, you can close the two doors to hide the board. Unfortunately, the cabinet isn’t the best quality. The wood of the doors are especially flimsy, and not much thicker than cardboard.


On the surface, it is easy to see why DMI Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set is priced at $163. You are getting a large dartboard, a cabinet, six darts altogether, and a scoreboard. That is a rather good deal—but only on the surface. Once you dig deeper and notice the so-so build quality and where corners were cut, that price starts to appear rather inflated. At best it can be a throw-away board that you practice on and intentionally beat up, something similar to a Delta McKenzie Speed bag Archery Target.

DMI Bristle Dartboard Wrap Up

The DMI Bristle Dartboard Deluxe Cabinet Set is painfully average, sometimes less in some areas. Sure, it offers plenty of features like two sets of darts, a large play area, and a cabinet to hide it all, but that’s quantity over quality. It’s flimsy and somewhat overpriced. The best use for it is a practice board to beat up

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