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As number 2 in the best archery target buying guide, the delta mckenzie speedbag has high contrast graphics to make the targets easier to see from further distances. With durability that can withstand fast broadhead arrows, it’s definitely worthy of being given a chance.

Why We Like It – Delta McKenzie Speedbag Archery Target

It’s a two sided archery target that has exclusive hydro press internal composition that contributes to its added durability. Bag targets/archery targets like this are target acquisition designed to withstand fast arrows, and are lightweight with a built-in handle for easy transportation.

  • Lightweight
  • Great stopping power
  • Has a built-on handle
  • Can come undone at the seams


This speed bag archery target has the arrow stopping power of 350 FPS block classic 22 archery target and can endure arrows shot from compound bows and crossbows. However, the user should only use arrows with field point tips, as broadheads can create big holes into the target and are capable of flying faster than field point arrows.


It’s more portable than the morrell double 450fps archery target bag despite being slightly bigger, as it weighs lighter and actually looks more like a bag, rather than a closed crate with handles. However, only two sides have targets on them, whereas the morrel target bag has four sides. It’s also thinner than the field logic block genz youth archery arrow target bag. However, the seams can come undone during practice if the user shoots too close to them.


It costs about $40 more than Longbow Archery 40cm & 80cm Targets, but it’s also reusable, easier to set up, and portable. Unfortunately, unless the user can avoid hitting the seams of the target, it won’t last very long. There are alternatives with similar pricing that won’t fall apart as easily. For some of those alternatives, you can go to the official delta mckenzie website and receive alerts for discounts if you provide them your email address.

Delta McKenzie Speedbag Archery Target Wrap Up

The Delta McKenzie target has been featured in one of the “best archery targets” videos for the videos for related products section on Amazon. While this stuffed bag looks thin, it can actually stop arrows without being completely skewered in the process.

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