As we’ve proved, shooting things, as in gadgets, with a hand gun can lead to all sorts of attention, wanted or unwanted.  We’re not saying Clearplex copied us, but nor is the idea an original one.  But originality aside, it’s a damn compelling testament to your product’s capabilities.  What are we talking about?

Clearplex, which makes an almost magic like clear coat protector for your iPad, iPhone, and even your car’s windshield, wanted to prove just how effective their product is when it comes to protecting your iPhone’s screen.  So like anyone in their right mind would do, they commissioned a shotgun toting grandma to blast not one, but two iPhones into (almost) submission while being tossed into the air.

The first iPhone didn’t sport the Clearplex screen protector and was rendered useless after two shots – it was replete with shotgun pellet holes.  The second iPhone, while not scratch free, was far less damaged, and although we can’t say if it was still functional, it’s a solid testament to their screen protector’s capabilities.

Although they don’t show it in the video, they say they removed the screen protector and there was no damage to the face of the iPhone.

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