Cat S62 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Looking at the best smartphone in the world, you might’ve asked yourself: is it the best rugged smartphone though? The Cat S62 certainly makes a great argument. Its ingress rating is one of the highest, and its MIL 810H 2 compliant shows off just how tough it is. It’s even sporting a FLIR thermal camera!

Cat S62
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Why We Like It – Cat S62

IP68 and MIL 810H 2 compliant, the Cat S62 is no slouch in the durability department, and even adds a few extra goodies like thermal imaging capabilities and Android 10.

  • IP68 ingress rating + MIL SPEC 810H 2 compliant
  • Includes FLIR Lepton thermal imaging
  • Comes w/ Android 10
  • Average display quality
  • Expensive

Overall Performance

Compared to the Ulefone Armor 7, the Cat S62’s Snapdragon 660 goes neck and neck. If you like gaming, it opens up several doors to kick back with when your workday is over. Image quality, however, is subpar. It’s limited to 12-megapixels, but tips the scale with thermal images. Its FLIR thermal camera is superior, using a Lepton 3.5 sensor to take in more pixels than its predecessor, the Lepton 2.5. It’s unique for sure, but largely niche in use.

Battery Life

Compared to the Cat S61, the Cat S62 has a slightly weaker battery, pulling back from a 4500mAh power supply to 4000mAh. It’s still an efficient option, and you’ll get an entire day of use, so it isn’t that much of a difference. That said, you can get a better battery life even with the Blackberry Android Phone.


It’s here, with the display, the Cat S62 wasn’t giving its all. A 5.6-inch screen is a good size, and it outputs in 1080×2160, so it’s at least FHD+. Colors are It does just enough to be functional, but nothing more. Its screen size is a nice 5.6-inches and displays in 1080×2160, so it’s at least FHD+ and more saturated with colors than the Unihertz Atom.


When it comes to durability, the Car S62 shows off its IP68 and MIL SPEC 810H 2 rating. A metal band has been incorporated around the edges, with the backing getting a nice textured grip to prevent your hand from slipping. Even if you dropped it, the S62 won’t feel it.


Unfortunately, as good as the Cat S62 is, it’s a tad bit expensive. You’re paying almost three times more than you need to, not to mention there are cheaper Cat phones, like the S61. In fact, the Doogee S95 Pro is equal in performance, but has a better battery and ingress rating, for less than half the price.

Cat S62 Wrap Up

Everything the Cat S62 offers is a testament to how good it is, and how well it handles being subjected to weather and damage. It can go toe to toe with some of the best rugged smartphones, seen by the IP68 ingress rating and 810H 2 compliance. It’s just a shame it’s a tad too expensive when compared to those other tough handsets.

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