BioLogic iPhone 4 Bike Mounted Case Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Biologic iPhone 4 1 650x487 1



  • Easy To Set Up
  • Convenient
  • Sturdy


  • Power Button Is Janky
  • Glare And Resistance Issues With Gloves On
  • Could Be A Bit Cheaper

This is my second outing with BioLogic’s Bike Mounted Case for the iPhone 4.  The first time around I enjoyed the accessibility and ease of use, but was not all that fond of the durability having to do with the main latch.  Now in its second iteration, the Biologic Bike Mounted Case has learned from its previous design flaws and is a much better product for it.  While some things still need attention, this new version is the one to get, though you don’t have much choice if you have a 3Gs or any older iPhone. Also check other options in our list of the best iPhone cases available today.

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The aesthetic of the mount is largely the same as the first iteration with an all black gun metal finish and easily smudged faceplate.  The biggest change in this version besides the adherence to the iPhone 4 measurements is that they moved the main hinge from the bottom to the right hand side of the case.  This is a much better design and makes the whole case feel more more secure and of better construction.  The mount can still swivel at 360 degrees and the touch resistance felt about the same as the first one, which was pretty responsive.

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The main problem that continues to plague this product is that the rubberized power button still doesn’t work all that well.  Sometimes it requires concerted directional presses to activate, and other times it gets stuck and holds the power button down until it wants to shut off the phone.  It’s pretty annoying to the point where I actually avoided it altogether.  Beyond that, everything else about the mount performed as expected.

Biologic iPhone 4 4 650x487 1

The attachment band was secure and tight and removing the mount was easy as long as you remembered which way it came off.  The home button had a little latency to it but it wasn’t nearly as shoddy the power button.  There are sealed transparent ports for both of the iPhone 4’s cameras but I always ended up removing the phone when I wanted to take a picture rather that removing the case from the mount.  There is also a sealed port for the headphone jack that peels back.  I preferred using headphones that were closer and on my body rather that using the Biologic Case as I felt it slightly awkward and more dangerous to be tethered to the bike in case I needed to take evasive action.  There’s also a small port at the bottom of the case to snake a connection cable but I’m having trouble finding the practical application for it.  It’d probably be just as much trouble weaving the cord through the case than to just take the phone out to charge it.

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I enjoyed the mounted case best when documenting long bike trips (EveryTrail Pro), or using it to store my phone when I didn’t want to lug my bike bag around with me and didn’t need my lock.  What you have to consider when looking at this product is that if you wear gloves for biking, you’re going to have to take them off to use the touch screen.  Also, when wearing sunglasses it is often hard to see the screen during times of bright daylight.  While not submersible, the case is extremely weather resistant, so those riders in Portland and rainy places should not worry about that type of protection with this case.

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At $65, the Biologic Mounted Case might be a deal breaker for some, and I’d like to see the price at around $40 to make it more appealing for those on the fence.  For future versions I’d like to see the mount rotate forwards and backwards making the camera ports a bit more useful when you’re trying to take in the scenery to show your friends all the cool places you’ve riden to.  Good job Biologic, but let’s turn that golf clap into stadium applause.

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