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Choosing the best iPhone case could mean the difference between a cracked screen or a shattered camera lens and keeping your device scratch-free. Our evaluation focused on design, and materials. We also explored auxiliary features such as MIL-STD 810F-516 and iP68 -certification, a key shock, and a waterproofing standard.

After more than 13 hours of research, our top pick goes to the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case. This case offers excellent protection with a tough polycarbonate construction, slim profile, and raised beveled edges to keep your camera lens and screen intact. Their Certified Drop Protection program also guarantees your phone will stay intact when dropped. Keep reading to learn more about the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case and the others that made the grade.

Top 7 Best iPhone Cases

#1 OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best case for Apple’s eleventh gen phone, featuring a rugged polycarbonate/rubber cover. It is a top choice for anyone looking for the very best very shock protection.

  • Best for eleventh gen
  • Very durable
  • Trusted assurance from brand
  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Nay be too slippery for some people
  • Some users reported slight discoloration

This iPhone case’s durability really shines. A polycarbonate and rubber cover helps provide drop protection. Raised beveled edges also help your screen avoid direct contact with the ground. All button functions like volume controls and muting are seamlessly integrated into the case, so you do not lose a step.

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Aside from being one of the best iPhone case brands, we love Otterbox’s rigorous QA program. Called Certified Drop Protection, it assures users it successfully completed more than 24 tests with 200 hours of research before hitting shelves (which is also backed by a 3rd party lab). This really inspires confidence in its ability to protect our valuable data. You can compare this to 8 of the best iphone 6 plus cases.

#2 Mkeke iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: This case comes with a rugged transparent construction and supports wireless charging. It is a great choice if you would rather avoid Lightning cables to charge.

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  • Best on a budget
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Dirt and dust-resistant vinyl buttons
  • Raised corners could be higher for drop protection
  • Small bubbles may form between case and phone (back)
  • Not scratch-resistant

We love this iPhone case’s build quality, which uses a silicone-like thermoplastic polyurethane material that protects very well against accidental drops. Like the Otterbox Symmetry, raised edges also protect your camera lens. While researching, drops at 5 feet, 7 feet, and 10 feet caused no damage to the phone. Well-sealed cutout openings for your volume, side, camera, and speakers also prevent dirt and dust from building up.

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This iPhone case offers a tight, non-slip grip, particularly with its silicone edges. Though this iPhone case does an excellent job of absorbing shock, we wish it were a bit sturdier, as its silicone can be squeezed or twisted. Also, they assure this case against any manufacturer defects will be covered no matter what. For more options, read 10 of the best cheap iPhone 6 cases.

#3 Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: Providing sturdy protection in a super slim case weighing less than two ounces. It works great for people who want a minimalist case.

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  • Lightest weight
  • Weighs less than 2 ounces
  • Raised beveled edges
  • Back is not fingerprint resistant
  • Smoother grip may not work for some people

Don’t let this iPhone XR case’s slim profile fool you. As our #1 pick Otterbox Symmetry, it also features raised beveled edges to protect your screen and camera lens. A rigid polycarbonate back offers added protection and a thermoplastic bottom helps as well.

This iPhone case is wireless charging compatible, which means the phone does not need to be removed from the case in order for it to charge. This is especially useful for people who are constantly on the move with no time to fumble with Lightning cables. Since we are talking cool accessories, have a look at the best wireless microphone headset.

#4 Lifeproof FRe Waterproof iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the best water protective cases, featuring a built-in scratch protector and an IP-68 waterproof rating. It is a worthwhile choice for active outdoors people who plan on giving it thorough wear and tear.

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  • Great for eighth or seventh gen
  • MIL-STD 810F-516-rated and IP-68 certified
  • Built-in screen cover
  • Some users reported speaker interference
  • Not wireless charging compatible

Thanks to this iPhone case’s IP-68 ingress protection rating, it can be submerged in water 1.5m deep for up to 30 minutes, making heavy rainfall a walk in the park. It is also MIL-STD 810F-516-rated, a shock test certification that uses drop towers to test its durability. These two ratings really inspire confidence in its ability to withstand punishment.

We like this iPhone case’s built-in screen cover, which helps prevent shattering. The entire case is bulky in the right places, with raised cutouts for the camera and unimpeded access to audio ports. If you are looking for one of the best iphone 11 pro cases, Lifeproof FRe has a version for it as well. You may also want to read about 10 of the best waterproof iphone 5 cases.

#5 icarercase iPhone Wallet iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: This faux leather case has a built-in 360° kickstand with compartments for credit cards. It is a good choice for people who want to combine their wallet and phone case to free up pocket space.

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  • And also the best wallet
  • Strong magnetic closure and lifetime warranty
  • Kickstand design for movie watching
  • Some users reported issues with Apple Pay when using
  • Some people may find the iPhone hard to remove from the case
  • May be too bulky for some people

This iPhone case is made using faux leather, which feels like the real thing. Large cutouts keep the camera lens and speakers unimpeded. While researching, some users did not notice any distortion with crystal clear audio throughout.

We like this iPhone case’s versatility. It comes with three card slots and a separate compartment for cash, along with a magnetic closure that keeps the case tightly closed when the phone is not in the case. A built-in 360° kickstand also creates multiple viewing angles to prop up your phone for impromptu news or movie watching. If you use a Samsung, check out 11 of the best samsung galaxy s5 cases.

#6 JAHOLAN iPhone Case


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the best looking iPhone cases with a marble theme pattern and made using rugged thermoplastic material.

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  • Beautiful colors and sophisticated patterns
  • Durable thermoplastic
  • Raised edges for screen protection
  • May be too slippery for some people
  • Not as easy on the eyes for most men
  • Not scratch-resistant

This iPhone case is made out of thermoplastic, which is very flexible and shock resistant. It also includes a thick nose guard and raised lip to prevent damage to your camera lens and screen. Its raised beveled edges are about 3mm high, more than enough coverage to prevent the screen from making contact with the ground.

Although durable, this iPhone case weighs less than 1 pound. It is perfect for users who would prefer a slimmer profile instead of something bulkier like the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case. Our 15 of the best iphone 5 cases list is also a good read.

#7 Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This case is built like a rock with air cushion technology and a 360° kickstand that can also be used as a holder. Add to that a glass screen protector and you’ve got a case that can survive almost anything.

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  • Very durable and tough
  • 360° kickstand
  • Scratch-resistant screen cover
  • Not wireless charging compatible
  • Sharp cutouts

This iPhone case has a very durable construction, which uses air cushion technology for corner shock absorption. A tough polycarbonate shell and scratch-resistant clear case also prevents your phone from getting walloped. While researching, this case easily ate drops at 7 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet, so we are very confident in using this product.

We like this iPhone case’s 360° kickstand, which allows you to mount your phone at an incline on a desk for movie watching. While holding, the finger or thumb can also use it as a gripping aid, which works great for people with poor hand mobility or coordination.

How We Decided

In determining the best iPhone case to buy, we explored materials, design, and accessories. Our favorite material is thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a light weight, flexible, and shock resistant material that provides an air-tight fit to prevent dust and debris from touching your phone. They also ensure a non-slip grip which is comfortable to hold in the hand. A hard polycarbonate backshell is also a bonus.

In terms of designs, cutouts should keep your buttons and speakers on the ready, unobstructed so that you do not have to take off the case in order to use them (with the exception of waterproof cases). Raised beveled edges and lips also prevent the screen from coming in contact with the ground when dropped.

Bonus points go to iPhone cases with accessories such as 360° kickstands, which allow users to use multiple viewing angles, such as propping it up o a coffee table for reading or movie watching.

Note: while our picks don’t cover every type of iPhone manufactured, many brands do have alternate sizes. We did, though, pick the most popular models on the market today, which should cover the majority of shoppers.

Best iPhone Cases Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Material
    We really like thermoplastic polyurethane and silicone, which does an excellent job with shock absorption while not creating too much bulk. Unlike some harder cases, it also provides a non-slip grip, making it very comfortable to hold.
  2. Durability
    Bonus points go to iPhone cases with MIL-STD 810F-516 and iP68 -certification, which vouch for its effectiveness during drop tests and when submerged underwater. In terms of durability, our #4 pick Lifeproof FRe Series takes the cake. Another important factor with durability is design. Looked for raised beveled edges, lips, and screen protectors to provide an additional buffer in the event your phone gets dropped.
  3. Accessories
    Some of the more popular accessories include leather casing and built-in kickstands, which allow iPhones to be propped to a vertical or horizontal position on a flat surface for TV viewing.
  4. Wireless Charging
    Some of the iPhone cases on our list are wireless-charging compatible, which means they can sit on top of a charging mat and have the phone charged without removing the case. This is really convenient, especially in cars.

The best smartphone, whether it is the best iPhone or something else, needs protection. That could be the best iPhone battery cases or a simple case. We spend a lot on our toys. The best Apple watches and best Apple laptops all cost money. Protect your investment.

iPhone Cases FAQs

Are silicone phone cases good?

Yes, we are big fans of silicone cases. They offer exceptional shock protection with a rigid rubber feel. Many of them come with ultra-slim profiles, adding less than a pound of weight to your phone.

Is it better to have a hard or soft phone case?

It depends on your grip preferences. Hard cases are likely to be slippier depending on the amount of silicone and rubber material. Softer cases use thermoplastic or silicone which offer outstanding grip, even with sweaty palms. Both do an equally good job with shock protection.

Are Soft TPU cases good?

Yes, we love thermoplastic for its transparency and flexibility. They provide some of the best protection around and keep your phone as the design focal point. If you look at some of the best iPhone cases on Amazon with the highest number of positively rated reviews, soft TPU cases are consistently near the top.

Which is better silicone or leather case?

Silicone is less apt to wear and tear over leather. If not properly cared for, leather can quickly discolor and stain, which will require a replacement in a hurry.

Otterbox vs Lifeproof – which is better?

Both brands offer amazing protection with military spec drop test ratings and rugged constructions. However, we give a slight nod to Lifeproof, which offers dirt, dust, water and snow protection and a cleaner, less bulky design than the Otterbox. In a nutshell, if you plan on exposing your phone to the elements, go with a Lifeproof. If you are frequently in heavy construction or mechanic sites, opt for the Otterbox.

How do you know if an iPhone case is waterproof?

Look for a label in the product description that reads ‘IP’, which stands for Ingress Protection, a rating assigned to devices for dust and water protection. For phones, the most common IP ratings are 5, 6, 6K, 7, and 8. Most ratings read as IPx7 or IPx8, where the first number is the dust protection rating and the second is the water proof rating.

What other iPhone case brands do you recommend?

We like Speck iPhone cases. Although they did not meet all criteria to qualify for this list, thye offer great drop proof cases. Its CandyShell grip cases are especially popular for its polycarbonate and thermoplastic inner and outer case. It also complies with MIL-STD-810G testing standards.

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