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Best Electric Bike

After 17 hours of online research and 23 hours of riding the top electric bikes, we are very happy to announce that the Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike is the best electric bike for 2019. It’s on the higher end of the price tag, but it has all of the high-end features you should look for in an electric bike, including an impressive top speed and overall battery range.

So it's time to get yourself one of those fancy new electric bikes that are passing you by on your morning commute. To help you find the latest in E-Vehicle technology and make sure you spend your hard-earned money on the very best model, we purchased and tested the top 40 electric bikes on the market today.

During our tests, we measured things like motor power, maximum range, top speed and overall weight limit. We also looked at more subtle things like comfort and additional features like removable batteries and charging times.

Winner: Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

9.6 out of 10

Electric Bike Comparison

- October 2019

How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top electric bikes

Max 90 Miles

15-20 MPH

​Weight Limit
240-350 Pounds


Best E-Bike for 2019

 Elby 9-Speed E-Bike

out of 10
  • Powerful 500W Motor
  • Crazy 90-mile range
  • 280 Pound Weight Limt
  • Weighs About 50 Pounds
  • May Not Be Fast Enough For Some

Why We Like It: The Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike is our top choice because it is loaded with features, has a quality build and an outstanding 90-mile range on a full battery capacity when you pedal a bit to assist it. Welcome to the modern bike world.. This E-Bike is the top one as it offers a powerful motor, a high weight limit and a ridiculous range.

Best Fat Tire E-Bike

 NAKTO Fat Tire Bicycle

out of 10
  • Smooth Ride
  • Great Performance On Varied Terrain
  • 42 mile Range
  • Heavy For Riding Without Battery Aid
  • Brakes Are Noisy

Why We Like It: This E-Bike handles sand and snow like a champ, delivering a great range and speed. NAKTO E-bikes has a very simple slogan, “Having Fun Riding for Everyone!”. It never really resonated with me until I tried out the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle. The company sells directly to consumers to keep prices low and create happy customers.

Best Electric Mountain Bike

 Merax 26” Aluminum Mountain Bike

out of 10
  • Powerful
  • 28-mile range
  • Great For Mountainous Terrain
  • Long Charge Time

Why We Like It: This is the best mountain bike of 2019. If you have some mountainous terrain that you’d like to conquer, this is this is the bike for you. The Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike outperforms it’s E-Mountain Bike competitors with solid power, decent speed of 20 mph and a 28 mile range on a full charge.

Best Electric Folding Bike

 SwagCycle Pro Folding Bike

out of 10
  • Light And Durable
  • 18 MPH Top Speed
  • Built-in cell phone charger
  • Wheels only good for paved roads
  • Seat is not adjustable

Why We Like It: This is the best electric folding bike for 2019. It has great features along with portability. The SwagCycle Pro is the bike that we tested. We love that you can charge your phone using the bike's battery. It performs great, has a comfortable speed, decent range and is light and durable. The only minor issues we had is that the seat isn't adjustable and the wheels are really only suitable for paved roads.

Best Fat Tire Folding Bike

 ECOTRIC 20" Fat Tire Folding

out of 10
  • Powerful 500W Motor
  • Fast 20 Mile Per Hour Speed
  • 20 Mile Range
  • Seat Is Not Adjustable
  • No Rear Light

Why We Like It: This is the best fat tire folding bike. There's a lot to love about this vehicle. If you’re looking for a folding ebike that can fold up for travel or storage, look no further than the ECOTRIC 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike. This tough customer will handle anything you can throw at it.

Best Electric Mountain Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire 500W 

out of 10
  • 500W Motor
  • Powerful Brakes
  • Comfortable Ride
  • 8 Hour Charge Time
  • Battery Position Is Weird

Why We Like It: This is a very capable mountain bike that just about anyone can ride and enjoy. It has great back and front suspension, a smooth ride, and amazing tires that grip everything. The charge time and the battery’s odd position on the frame are our only gripes, but those things aside, you can’t argue with the power and quality of this fat electric bike. It makes a heck of a beach cruiser. You’ll love everything from the front hub to the back hub.

Best Value E-Bike

Tomasar Power Bike

out of 10
  • Durable
  • Thick Tires
  • Foldable
  • Long Charging Time

Why We Like It: A solid choice for performance and convenience. The Tomasar Power Electric Bike is a great choice whether you want to travel mountain roads or streets. It is a solid performer with some great style. And you get a lot for your money. This E-Bike is a winner.

Best E-Bike For Beginners

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro

out of 10
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Comfortable
  • 265 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Battery Not Removable

Why We Like It: SwagTron is a company known for producing quality electric personal transportation device. I can confidently say that the SwagCycle EB-5 Pro lives up to their quality standards. This is a great little bike for tooling back and forth around your campus or any other situation where you have to go to and fro a lot. With a comfortable speed of 15 MPH and a weight limit of 265 pounds, this is a reliable bike for beginners of almost any size. It has a range of 15.5 miles. Not the furthest, but a great range for new riders.

Best Uphill Riding Bike

ANCHEER Power Plus Mountain Bike

out of 10
  • Great For Uphill Ridingr
  • Bright LED Headlight
  • 30 Mile Battery Range
  • No Rear Light

Why We Like It: Another great E-Bike from Ancheer. This E-bike handles hills excellently and the headlight is brighter than most for night time rides.

Best Electric Bikes for Top Speed

Razor EcoSmart Metro

  • Made By Razor
  • Impressive Top Speed
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Odd Battery Placement
  • 8 Hour Charge

Why We Like It: Razor is a name to be reckoned with in the industry, and the Razor EcoSmart Metro is highly rated online, like a lot of their products. This model gets a spot on our rankings thanks to its great build quality and nice top speed. It doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable and from a trusted brand as well. It has a max speed of 18 miles per hour, a powerful 500 W motor and it delivers 40 minutes of continuous use.

Brands & Market Growth

Electric bikes have been around for years, but are just now gaining wide acceptance with the public. Brand names include Schwinn, Ancheer, Nakto, Swagtron, X-treme Ebike, Merax and many more. This market is forecasted to hit $23,831 million by the year 2025.(R) In some areas, these vehicles are even taking money away from the Taxi industry.(R) Proof that the number of E-bikes on the road will only increase.

What features matter when buying the top electric bike?

To find out which electric bike was the top-rated on the market of 2019, we rounded up 40 electric bikes and collected loads of data on all of the latest models. We removed any bikes that had poor to horrible consumer reviews, and ones that had unreliable safety records were nixed as well.

We analyzed the 3 factors of cost, speed, and range of all of these vehicles, which helped us to narrow our list to the best.



Our list of electric bikes ranged in price from $250 to $3000, with our top pick costing $3000 and our #2 pick costing $998.99.



At the top end of the price range, you get a max range of 90 miles and a respectable 20 mph speed.



The slowest e-bike on our buying guide is 15 mph, while the shortest range is 15.5 miles.

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Electric Bike Comparison Chart

Our chart below ranks the best electric bikes, and if you continue reading we review them in detail before providing you with a buyer's guide, comparison chart and FAQ section. Whether you're an adventure biker or city road warrior, you can confidently get your ride on with one of our top picks.

gr5-table__imageElby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike
  • Leading power and speed
  • Leading range
  • Enhanced safety
  • Premium build
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
gr5-table__imageNAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle
  • High Speed
  • Detachable Waterproof Lithium Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Range: 26-40 miles
gr5-table__imageMerax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike
  • 36V Lithium Battery
  • High Speed Motor
  • 2 working modes
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful braking
gr5-table__imageSwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike
  • Pedal Free
  • App Enabled
  • Robust and foldable
  • Long lasting charge
  • USB Port to Charge on The Go
gr5-table__imageECOTRIC 20" New Fat Tire Folding Bike
  • Strong driving force
  • 500W Motor Battery
  • 20'' X 4.0'' Fat Tire
  • Max Speed: 20 Mph
  • Throttle Type
gr5-table__imageECOTRIC Fat Tire 500W
  • Max Speed: 20 Mph
  • 500W Rear Hub Motor Battery
  • 26 X 4.0 Fat Tire
  • 58 LBS Load Capacity: 260LBS
  • Strong Driving Push
gr5-table__imageTomasar Folding Electric Bike
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (36V 250W)
  • Premium Full Suspension
  • Shimano Gear
  • 2 Working Modes
  • Foldable Design
gr5-table__imageSwagCycle EB-5 Pro
  • Lightweight and Aluminum Folding
  • Power Assist
  • 36V Lithium Ion Battery
  • 14 inch Wheels
  • 250W Hub Motor
gr5-table__imageANCHEER 2019 Pro
  • Removable 36V 8 AH/12 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 21 Speed Shifter
  • 2 Working Model
  • Brake & Gear Shift System
  • One-year warranty
gr5-table__imageRazor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
  • 500-watt extra high torque motor
  • 36 volt electrical system
  • Ultra padded seat
  • Rear disc braking system
  • 90-day warranty

FAQ for Electric Bikes


Does a warranty come with an Electric Bike purchase?

How much does an Electric Bike cost?

Electric Bike Buyers Guide

Below are the top features you should look for in an Electric Bike. Remember to always wear safety gear like cycling shoes and a helmet.


The more powerful the motor is rated, the more speed you will get out of your E-bike. A 500-watt motor is more powerful and faster than a 250-watt motor. It means more speed and better performance.

E-Bike Range

This is one of the biggest factors when choosing an electric bike. The range that your vehicle delivers on a single charge is very important, especially when commuting. You want the best range you can get from your e-bike battery. A good range with short charging times is the best option.

Battery Life and Charging Times

Longer battery life is good, but there’s more to it than that. You want to look at three things: speed, performance and charge time. What you want is a long battery life that also delivers these.

Charging time is up to your own needs. Can you wait 6 hours to charge your battery? Is 4 more ideal?

Durable and Lightweight Construction

Like any other vehicle, you want durability so that you will be safe and it will last. Bicycle injuries are going down and that is partly because of durable bikes with quality parts.(R) If it is a foldable bike, it should be as light as possible for when you have to carry it.

Electric Bike Feature Comparison Chart

NameMotorSpeedRangeBatteryWeight Limit
Elby Bike 9-Speed500 W20 MPH90 miles48v280 Pounds
Merax 26 Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike350 W20 MPH28 miles36v250 Pounds
NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26”500 W28 MPH42 miles48v300 Pounds
ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike250 W15 MPH30 miles36v330 Pounds
ECOTRIC 20" Fat Tire Folding Bike500 W20 MPH20 miles36v240 Pounds
ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike500 W23 MPH20 miles36v260 Pounds
Tomasar Power Electric Bike250 W21 MPH31 miles36v330 Pounds
SwagCycle EB-5 Pro250 W15 MPH15.5 miles36v265 Pounds
ANCHEER Power Plus250 W15 MPH30 miles36v330 Pounds
Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter500 W18 MPH40 minutes36v220 Pounds

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