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Products Updated June 27, 2022
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All Weather Matches FAQs

How long do waterproof matches last?

Properly stored waterproof matches should last a long time, with the best all weather matches having a shelf life of 5 years or more. A survival match like the Swiss Safe, with its flint and magnesium rod, should last for many years.

How do all-weather matches work?

Waterproof matches and water and wind-proof matches like the UCO stormproof matches work by a combination of having the wooden matchstick soaked in a water repellent compound and having the combustible part of the match be made of a chemical that will still burn after being wet, typically they use flammable metal compounds with sodium, magnesium or phosphorous.

Are waterproof matches strike anywhere?

Most stormproof and all weather matches are not also strike anywhere matches, though it is possible to give some degree of water proofing to standard strike anywhere matches. The special waterproof match heads on the UCO stormproof matches work best with the included striking paper.

What are the best matches to have?

Depending on your needs, a good set all weather matches can serve for most camping and emergency kit needs. If you’re looking for the best matches for backpacking, consider a simple, highly portable survival match or weatherproof flint and rod fire starter.

What are stormproof matches made of?

The match heads are usually made of potassium chlorate, sulphur, and a friction-increasing gritty material like ground glass or silica. Some stormproof matches add combustible metal oxides for increased waterproofing. The other elements needed to ignite the matches are often embedded in the striker to help avoid accidental lighting.
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