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As number 4 in the best archery target buying guide, these heavy duty paper targets are more durable than they look. While not in the form of a solid cube like the morrell double 450fps archery target, these heavy paper longbow targets meet archery standards for target paper.

Why We Like It – Archery 40cm Targets Longbow Approx

Some people found doing some sports outdoors to be a bit of a chore due to needing to set up equipment. Things such as a point heavy duty tagboard for archery can alleviate that. These archery targets in particular are easy to set up, and have each color ring edge printed for long distance visibility.

  • Great price
  • Durable
  • Great visibility
  • Doesn’t last long after frequent enough practices


These eye targets are made of thick archery paper that make them lightweight, easy to travel with, and provide a great way to test the user’s shooting skills. One way to set up a target is to have a box even out the target paper by giving it a sturdier backing, rather than to just nail it to a tree. One customer achieved this in the form of a tiki box target/ box tiki, using a box used to store tiki torches.


These 40 cm targets are ring targets that have ten rings of varying ring size and 4 cm spacing between the edges of each ring. Longbow targets, similarly to the field logic block genz youth archery target, have better visibility due to the contrast in the colors they have. However in this case, it’s due to having bright colors in addition to that high contrast. Since it’s a type of paper, it can be set up to avoid being less flimsy, like the tiki box target idea.


Despite their durability, these heavy paper targets won’t last too long if the user practices often, which is likely why they’re sold in packs and have such a good price. While the Delta Mckenzie Speed Bag Archery Target is more expensive, it’s an alternative that can potentially last longer. However, if you already have these and know you can stretch the use of each ring edge, buy these targets in smaller packs if possible.

Archery 40cm Targets Longbow Approx Wrap Up

Customer reviews with a verified purchase from the United States have stated that it’s more durable than people would think, and that one target paper can withstand over 200 shots. Some top reviews have also made a request: Please try them, especially if on a budget. If you want to, search longbow for additional information such as more product information customers would want. For any of their products, any question may be answered there.

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