Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Battery cases are becoming a must have especially if you’re an upwardly mobile individual who uses their phone a lot. A good battery case is essential for the power that your iPhone needs to push through the day without backing out, and the Alpatronix battery case is a good example of what kind of battery case you should go for. If you happen to own an iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus, this model’s battery case packs a 5000mAh battery capacity, which is enough to push your iPhone through a full 24 hours of use. The manufacturer claims that it gives 150% more battery life, as well as maximum protection thanks to a hard shell and shock absorbing rubber. If you own later models such as the iPhone X or iPhone 11, not to worry. Alpatronix also has other battery cases in its lineup for those as well. Take some time to go through this review and find out what the Alpatronix iPhone battery case has to offer, and decide whether or not it’s among the best iPhone battery cases that you could consider for your phone.

Why We Like It – Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case

The Alpatronix Battery Case is a reliable alternative if you’re looking for a portable charger that’ll keep your iPhone 7 or 8 Plus running throughout the day, and into the night. The case supports things like wireless charging and Apple CarPlay, making it a cut above the rest. And if you’re into Blackberry phones, this review on the Blackberry Z10 set to launch on AT&T, march 22nd is a must-read.

  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • Comes with a tempered glass protector
  • Detachable top for easy installation
  • No use of headphones


The Alpatronix rechargeable battery case is a lot better in quality compared to a lot of the samples that you might come across in the market. For starters, it’s UL certified, meaning that it meets all the standards set for it to be considered safe. The battery case is also compatible with iOS 13+, Apple Pay, and also CarPlay, making it suitable for you to sync with your car radio – a feature that’s not supported by the Apple Smart Battery Case. Charging time is roughly around two hours, and with 360° Protection, your phone is guaranteed to last longer against the effects of wear and tear.

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As far as looks go, the Alpatronix battery case isn’t that much different from what you’ll find in the market. Unlike the Trianium Atomic Pro 4200mAh iPhone Battery Case that only comes in one color, it comes in color black or blue, and in its packaging, it includes a micro USB cable, a glass screen protector, and a user manual. Charging it with your iPhone’s original USB cable also works, and sync-through technology makes it possible to charge and sync files with your computer. Installing your iPhone into the Alpatronic battery case is as easy as can be. All you have to do is remove the top part, then slide in your phone into the case and put the top part back again. The case also includes a cut out for the camera, flash and speaker grill, though it does cover the power button, volume rockers and mute button.

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Unlike many battery cases, this one from Alpatronix is capable of wireless charging, so long as you use a QI compatible charging pad. The pad will charge your phone and the case at the same time. The case also includes LED indicators at the back, and just like the Swaller iPhone Battery Case, this one’s also got 4. In its packaging, you’ll also find a tempered glass protector, which is great to make sure your screen stays intact even in the event that you drop your phone face down.

Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case Wrap Up

Alpatronix is well known as a brand that offers the best battery cases for your iPhone, and to back that up, they have a 12 month warranty with each of their cases so that in the event that you receive a faulty case, then they’ll be able to refund you.