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There are a lot of phone protection plans available out there. Some are very costly; some provide adequate protection at cheap price points. The Allstate Phone Protection plan is definitely one of the former plans. Still, because of its good track record and several security features, it is most definitely one of the best cell phone insurance policies out there.

Why We Like It – Allstate Cell Phone Insurance

Even though the Allstate Cell Phone Insurance plan is costly, it provides good support if you just need to repair your phone. Along with that, the Phone Protection Plus plan offers a number of security features for data protection in case of identity theft.

  • Battery failures covered
  • Insurance can be purchased for any phone, from any carrier, regardless of its age
  • The plan follows you if you switch carriers or upgrade your phone
  • Phone replacements don’t seem to be available, only repairs

Coverage And Deductible

Allstate actually provides this plan through their Squaretrade partnership. So there are very few differences between this plan and the Squaretrade Cell Phone Insurance policy. Pretty much everything from cracked screens, accidental damages, liquid damage, battery failures are covered.
The deductible for every smartphone is $149, regardless of the model.

Backup Services

They don’t provide any data backup service by themselves. But their “Premium Tech Support” will help you out if you need to create or restore a backup. Just like the Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan, they’ll even help you transfer your photos and contacts, update OS, update or change settings, and configure your email accounts.

Customer Service

As mentioned before, their customer service is very good. And they connect you to a dedicated techie support person according to your problem. In many ways, their support is even better than the AKKO Phone Insurance, which is widely considered as the best phone insurance service available in the US.

Security Features

This is one of the only cell phone insurance policies that actually provides protection against identity thefts. If you got your phone stolen and you had your credit/debit card, identity, or financial details saved on your phone, they are going to help you restore/change all of that. So you can pretty much continue your day scot-free without worrying.


For just a phone repair insurance policy, $13 per month for the Allstate Phone Protection Plus plan sure does seem a bit too expensive. But, once you factor in the cost for the premium support and the security features, it might be compelling for users who are not very tech-savvy.

Allstate Cell Phone Insurance Wrap Up

The Allstate Cell Phone Insurance policy is decent if you need identity theft remediation. But, if you don’t care about that, there are much better and cheaper insurance options available.

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