The best, most lavish, most expensive hotel suites in the world feature fireplaces, libraries, jacuzzis, bars and bowling alleys. Even if you’re stuck in a budget rent-a-room, you can live like you’re renting the Playboy Suite at the Palms. Best of all, you can fit it all in just one suitcase.

9. TravelSet by Tempur-Pedic. Sleep soundly. Now that you gone to the spa, played some tennis, watched a movie, ate a gourmet meal and drank your fill of appletinis, it’s time for bed. Maybe you shouldn’t even think about what’s on that mattress. I’d recommend a kit to see what’s there and sanitize it, but why not just avoid the whole thing with the TravelSet by Tempur-Pedic. The 1 ½-inch mattress pad with keep you off that skanky bed and give you a good night’s sleep without giving you bedbugs.

8. Bar Master Deluxe. Be your own bartender. A fantastic well-stocked bar or even a personal bartender could come with a high-priced room, but who needs it if you’ve got a minibar and a smartphone. You can use one of countless apps to mix yourself up quite a tasty little cocktail from the room’s minibar.  You can also spend just more than $20 online for a Bar Master Deluxe if you feel like lugging around an actual gadget.

7. Roaming Hunger. OK so a luxury suite would offer you a personal chef or at the very least gourmet room service. Over at the Holiday Inn, you can grab some quick eats from the local gourmet grub trucks near your hotel that you can find on Roaming Hunger or find a food delivery service online that will deliver gourmet grub right to your room like personal chef to go.

6. Nintendo Wii. Bowling, minigolf, tennis … gun fighting. Luxury suites across the globe offer those things full-scale, well minus the gun fighting, but even the most basic hotels will have a TV in each room. Bring your Wii with you and you’ll instantly have a plethora of gaming options within reach. Don’t forget your cords, because a Wii won’t be much fun if you can’t hook it up.

5. Cinemin Swivel Projector. The best hotel suites come with their own theaters. All you need to convert your temporary home into a theater is a few bucks worth of goodies from the vending machine and Brookstone’s swivel projector for iPods and iPhones.

4. Amazon Kindle. Even if you HAD library in your luxury suite, would you want to sit in your room and read when you can read by the pool or on the balcony or in the spa? With kindle, you have access to 950,000 books, newspapers and magazines at your fingertips. Even if you’re in a luxury suite, having one on hand isn’t a bad thing.

3. Roaring fireplace app. OK so your $30 a night home-away-from-home doesn’t have a fireplace or a great view. It’s easy enough to make your own with out torching the mattress. Crank the heat in your room, pull out your iPad and download the Fireplace HD app and you’ll have the heat, crackle and the glow of a warm toasty fire. Don’t want to sit by the fire on a sweltering July night? Call up a slide show of your favorite picturesque views using the Android app SlideShow Bob.

2. Mat Walk. The best hotels come with full-service spas to pamper their guests. At the Motel 8, you’ll have to do it yourself. Start with the Mat Walk bathroom mat from  It will keep your feet off a hotel bathroom floor which is of the utmost importance when the junkie out on the park bench might have been the last occupant of the bathroom in room 207. Just add usb warming slippers (If you can actually FIND a pair), a comfy robe (Star Trek or Hugh Hefner inspired only please) and the Baby Quasar red last light to give yourself a facial. Lastly, bring luxury towels too to dry off with and complete the package.

1. Jacuzzi in your room. So maybe the hotel you’re staying in for spring break is more suited for shooting a ransom video than a rap video, but that’s not reason you shouldn’t enjoy your own personal jacuzzi.

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