6 Free Weather Apps for iPad

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Updated June 27, 2022

On the lookout for free weather aps that you can bring up on your iPad? Here’s a selection of app rich with information and surprisingly artistic in how they portray the details about weather in your area.


1. Wunderstation


Wunderstation is the latest iPad weather app created by Weather Underground, and includes many of the features that have made Underground such a hit for easy weather watching. Wunderstation is notable because it was designed especially for the iPad and its larger screen, with different panels for in-depth looks at weather, location, compatibility with indoor sensors, humidity, a weather encyclopedia, and more. You can even take a peek through weather station webcams. Whether you want to take a close look at the weather patterns of the last few hours or abroad look at the weekly forecast, this is a great weather app for iPad.

Wunderstation can be downloaded here.


2. Weather+


Weather+ gets high marks for focus on a high-quality iOS interface, independent of other platforms. This focus provides video loops for weather conditions, a 5-day forecast for weather stations around the world, and, of course, what the current weather looks like. Like all the best weather apps for iPad, it also includes detailed information about wind speed, humidity, precipitation levels, air pressure, visibility, and so on. The app is dominated by a flip-chart clock that also serves as a timer. This is one of the best free apps for iPad for getting all your weather information on one screen.

You can download Weather + here.


3. The Weather Channel


It’s not surprising that the go-to TV source for weather information has developed an app of its own. Fortunately, it’s both free and one of the better apps available, with the full set of information including temperature, sunrise/sunset times in your area, a UV index, humidity levels, and more. Plus you get to tap into several excellent Weather Channel resources like weather news, detailed satellite maps, statewide flu and pollen levels, and push alerts for severe weather warnings. You can also use the app to plan your trip based on weather conditions and see how weather differs based on your home location.

Download The Weather Channel app here.


4. Intellicast HD


Intellicast takes a different path by offering one of the more interactive weather apps for iPad, one that shifts to show what the weather is really like in your area. It uses fun particle animation and cloud effects to show you how the wind is currently blowing in your area, and the app makes use of the iPad screen to offer detailed maps near your location that can show not only storm cells but also the boundaries of storm warning areas. While the primary app is free, you can also download specific packages for different purposes, such as a boating package or a storm tracker package.

You can get Intellicast HD here.


5. Weatherwise


Weatherwise is available for both iPhone and iPad, but some of its features particularly benefit from the iPad treatment. This is an app designed to be beautiful, artistic rendering of temperature, weather patterns, and weather forecasts. It includes a store of various themes it can display, including independent works and a collect of animated weather forecasts. Animations change in real time based on current weather conditions, and the whole thing is, like Wunderstation, powered by Weather Underground. If you want a beautiful way to look at basic weather information, this is the app for you.

Download Weatherwise here.


6. Yahoo Weather


Yahoo Weather, available for both iPhone and iPad, is great at providing general weather information in a simple package. The app lets you pick a location, then gives you basic information about that location such as the temperature and expected highs and lows. The app then lets you swipe for more detailed information on wind, precipitation, and forecasts for the next several several days. The app benefits from other Yahoo properties, like Flickr, which provides detailed images for the iPad app so those extra pixels don’t go wasted.

You can get Yahoo Weather here.

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