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$4.95 Million Hollywood Hills Home Fit for Any Modern Man (pics)

It’s not often we’re entitled enough to the know the address of some of these high end, modern homes.  But today is our (or your) day.  Located at 8400 Grand View Drive in the Hollywood Hills, this homes offers expansive views and opulent finishes that will have even the most stuck up of movie stars and media moguls begging to live there.

Needless to say, wood, stone, and glass has been adorned to almost every room in this house. The living room plays home to an open floorplan, complemented by a dropped wooden ceiling, seamless glass windows, a stone fireplace, and a lap pool that is made accessible by massive sliding doors.  The bedrooms are also outiftted with giant glass sliding doors, transforming any room to an almost outdoor space, while a sitting room (presumambly upstairs on the second floor) has been finished in a seamless glass covering that provides an unobstructed panorama of LA’s city lights. Finally, but definitely not least of all, the driveway boasts an array of lighting that is preceeded by a stone and grass inlay, furthering the natural elements that the home exudes throughout.

According to an update from the sourced site, the home recently sold for $4.9 million.

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