If you buy clothes online you expect that sooner or later something you’ve purchased won’t fit. A start-up company from Estonia has found a futuristic way of making virtual sizing possible. has built a robotic mannequin which can change its shape and size into roughly any male measurements nature can come up with.

The implications are mind-boggling, but the application isn’t quite as sci-fi. takes an article of clothing and puts the robot through a cycle of 2000 body shapes. The process is photographed, and when you later browse the retailer’s collection, typing in your measurements will bring up photos showing your body type wearing the clothes you’re looking to buy.

The model itself looks almost computer animates, it shape shifts fast and smooth. Only a male robot is available now, due to the female anatomy’s more variable shapes.

An online test run of the entire system was made recently, and it saw sales increasing by 300% while returns dropped 28%. One can only imagine the numbers once the female model is a go.