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Manual hand-pumps are a thing of the past. Why bother pumping air into a balloon when you can let a machine do it for you, automatically? Because that’s what you get with the best balloon pump: the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decoration, a generous package containing a powerful air pump with replacement nozzles.

Why We Like It – YOFIT Portable Electric Inflator Decorations

Ideal for any party in mind. Packaged inside are two additional nozzles, a lightweight and portable design, with automatic modes for ease of use.

  • Ideal for parties with lots of balloons
  • Comes with 2 spare nozzles
  • Small storage compartment for electric cable
  • Blows air, not helium


The inflation rate of the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations Air Pump is pretty good. At 750 (L/min), you can pump a bag full of balloons in just a few minutes. It’s most impressive feat was being able to pump two balloons at the same time, like the IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations Air Pump. It then decided to reveal its final magic trick by having an automatic and semi-automatic mode for inflating balloons. Say goodbye to hand-pumps like the Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons!


The Yofit Dual Nozzle Air Pump excels at being portable and storable, like the NuLink Electric Inflation Decoration. For starters, it has a handle along the top for easy transportation, with an area for batteries if an outlet isn’t within reach. And for storing, that very same electric cable can be tucked away in a small hidden compartment.

One feature we took issue with—or rather, lack of—was the lack of helium; it only blows air. We knew that going in, but it would’ve been nice if some kind of helium conversion kit was available to filter through the electric balloon pump.


Inside the Yofit Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Balloon Blower Pump is: 1x balloon air pump, a user manual, and 2 spare inflatable nozzles. Considering its performance, portable design, and relatively lightweight all around, we can easily give the Yofit Balloon Blower Pump Electric Balloon Inflator our mark of great value. And for $19 and free delivery, we think it’s a steal. If you don’t need floating balloons, it’s the ideal tool to have for a wedding party holiday decorations or kids party.

YOFIT Portable Electric Inflator Decorations Wrap Up

Even without a helium option, the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations Air Pump’s performance made it an invaluable tool when it came to parties of all stripes and sizes. Being able to pump two balloons at a time, spare nozzles, and easy storage design—you’re getting more than $19 worth of value here.

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