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Updated June 27, 2022
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Are you looking for some weights to do a bit of a workout at home? Or maybe you’re a professional looking to do some strength training. Whichever it is, the Yes4All Kettlebell has you covered. It comes with a pretty solid design with vinyl coating for greater durability. It won’t mess with your flooring nor will it get corroded itself. And paired with the smooth and wide handle with a good grip as well as a flat bottom it can be used for a variety of exercises, making the Yes4All Kettlebell potentially the best exercise equipment for many of you out there. For a more intense workout, you may be more interested in our Xterra SB2.5R Recumbent Bike review. We also urge our readers to check our best exercise equipment list for more great options.

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Why We Like It – Yes4All Kettlebell

Offering you a wide range of weights for both strength training or even just working out to be healthier, the Yes4All Kettlebell is among one of the best out there. It comes with a vinyl coating over the durable weight and with a wide steel handle that is solid, smooth and simultaneously easy to grip, it makes for a pretty handy equipment to have at your home. And paired with the stability on the bottom, not getting worn off too soon, it may even make for a great Kettlebell for you gym owners out there. Thus, at a pretty reasonable price it may make for the perfect new equipment to get for many of you out there. If you want new workout gear, you should also read our review of Radiate athletics. 

  • Durable coating and build
  • Wide range of weights
  • Wide and smooth handle for easy grip
  • Packaging and Delivery may not be the best

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Starting off with the material itself, the Yes4All Kettlebell is made of solid cast iron which is covered with vinyl to make sure that your floor isn’t damaged while using it, nor is the Kettlebell itself damaged. The vinyl coated weight also gives the Kettlebell a softer surface but unfortunately while the Yes4All Kettlebell is advertised to have a flat bottom, the vinyl does make it wobble slightly. This prevents it from being the best kettlebell for pushups, but other than that, it won’t roll over that easily. Moreover, when it comes to durability, the Yes4All Vinyl coated Kettlebell also provides you with anti-rust properties, preventing it from becoming unusable as fast as any other cast iron kettlebell.

Moving onto using the kettlebell, the Yes4All offers you a wide range of choices of different weights starting from 5lbs and going all the way up to 45lbs in 5 lbs differences, giving you the right amount of weight needed for a wide range of exercises just for you. It can be used from anything ranging from squats, throws, cleans, snatches and even swings. Not only will it help anyone with back pain build up strength, but it will also help beginner athletes starting to work up on their overall fitness with kettlebell training.

Furthermore, a wide steel handle gives you enough space to fit in both of your hands, and with a slightly smooth surface it will make sure that while it doesn’t feel uncomfortable it won’t slip from your hand that easily either. You can use it with or without chalk, the former obviously giving you a better more comfortable grip but it still won’t be up to par with the grip of Kettlebells with powder coating.

Aside from that, as like every other iron kettlebell, doing a bit of kettlebell training will definitely prove well whether or not you’re an athlete. It will help with everything ranging from staying fit whilst also keeping a better posture with less back pain. And so, if you like any of that, consider getting yourself a Yes4All Kettlebell, perfect for beginners.


With the bell itself measuring to be 11 Inches in height and the handle measuring to be almost 9 Inches wide, the Yes4All Kettlebell is pretty much the standard size of all other iron kettlebells. While the vinyl coating does add a bit of bumps and not the smoothest surface, it will still help considerably with the durability of the kettlebell over time, while the slightly more wider handle provides a better grip.

As for the looks, it gets a black paint finish on the handle and blue on the vinyl, and makes for a pretty nice addition to your home gym. Other than that, the cast iron body gives you a pretty solid build that won’t be damaged that easily, but do make sure to get a replacement if your’s comes damaged during delivery.


Priced at about $15 for the 5lbs on amazon com, and coming in sets with different weights, you could get almost all the weights you need at a pretty good price. It most certainly qualifies as something fit for professional competitions, but for training for beginners to intermediates, the Yes4All Kettlebell proves to be a pretty good value of a kettlebell. But be sure that you don’t get a damaged product as some other customers have reported.

Yes4All Kettlebell Wrap Up

Thus, making for one of the best kettlebells for working out or building up your strength, the Yes4All Kettlbell definitely comes with a lot to offer. It provides you with a rust free, and vinyl covered exterior making sure you don’t damage your flooring. And paired with the wide handle, as well as a pretty good price, it may just make for the next best exercise equipment for you. Just make sure to get a replacement if yours comes damaged from shipping.

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