Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re in the market for a Star Wars Xbox console, the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle is a fantastic choice. The console itself has an R2 D2 theme, while the wireless controller comes in a gold C3PO theme. The Kinect Star Wars package also comes with four immersive games. This console made our list of best Star Wars gifts.

Why We Like It – Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition

The Xbox 360 Star Wars Game Limited Edition is a must for all Star Wars fans. It comes with an R2D2-themed Microsoft Xbox, a white Kinect sensor, and a C3PO controller. Best of all, it comes with four games including Jedi Destiny Podracing, Rancor Rampage, and Galactic Dance-Off. It also comes with an Xbox LIVE token. For your kids’ room, you should also take a look at the world’s most advanced baby crib. And if you love car racing, then you will love this full-size racing car simulator that will give you the ultimate gaming experience right inside your home.

  • Four games in the package
  • Can play other Xbox 360 games
  • Custom Star Wars design
  • The console is a bit outdated
  • Only one controller included
  • Some of the games might not be to everyone’s taste


The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle offers great performance and comes with a 320 GB hard drive, which is the biggest on any Xbox 360. It also has a Xenos graphics processor with a clock speed of 500MHz, and 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM. The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars console comes with four games to test your lightsaber skills, dancing skills, and more. Even though it comes with Kinect Star Wars Games, this console can play any Xbox 360 games. Another amazing gift for fans is Star Wars The Complete Saga movie collection.


Microsoft has given the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars console a unique look with its custom R2D2 design and C3PO controller. Added to the Kinect Star Wars bundle is the first-ever white Kinect sensor. Most of the other features are the same as the regular Xbox 360 including the disc tray, wireless connectivity, HDMI ports, and USB ports. It is also designed to play games in full HD at 1080p. Another toy with a fantastic design is the Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber Replica.


The Kinect Star Wars bundle offers all the features and performance of a regular Xbox 360 combined with some exclusive additions. It comes with four different games so you won’t get bored. The console looks like a square version of R2D2, and the wireless controller has a C3PO theme. It also comes with the first-ever white Kinect sensor. When all of these factors are added together, the Limited Edition Kinect offers terrific value for money. The Lego Super Star Destroyer also offers great value.

Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition Wrap Up

If you’re a fan who loves playing games, the Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition is a fantastic buy. It comes with a custom R2D2 theme as well as four different games included in the package. Unfortunately, there’s only one controller in the package and you’ll have to buy another one if you want to play certain games with friends.

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