Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Review: Great for Small Yards

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Updated June 1, 2023
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While many of the electric mowers and best riding lawn mower we’ve reviewed fall on the durable, heavy-duty side, this Worx model explores a niche market of small yards that still need a good mowing. Check below to see our full Worx 24V WG775 Powertank review and if it’s right for you. And, if you want more mower recommendations, see our list of best lawn mower reviews.

Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Overview

Price: $195 on Amazon
Model: WG775

: A tiny, lightweight mower that’s perfect for little lawns and small storage spaces.

What We Liked

  • Ideal for small yard
  • Compact design makes it easy to maneuver and store
  • Power/Quiet mode

What We Didn’t

  • Unprotected battery
  • Battery indicator could be more useful
  • Not designed for larger yards

Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Overview Specs

Lawnmower: Worx
Worx 24v Powertank
Battery Power24V
Battery Life40-60 mins
Mulch Functionsgreen-check-mark
Construction MaterialWeather resistant plastic
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Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Overview Design

Worx Mower 1
A small, but very effective mower.

The first thing you notice about the Worx WG775 is how tiny the specs are. A 24V battery? A 14-inch cutting width? Wow, that’s small. That’s also the point. Use your best backpack sprayer after you’re done mowing to make sure your lawn beds are weed-free.

This Worx model is made for a very specific job: Tackling small yards with lawns that still need to be regularly mown, but aren’t really worth investing in a large mower – especially a gasoline mower that requires a lot of maintenance over time. This mower is a small, battery-powered option without any of those hangups.

Obviously, this creates some limitations. You wouldn’t want to use this Worx on a larger yard: you could, but it would take a long time and be a poor use of the model. However, in smaller yards the benefits really shine.

The Worx is incredibly light and nimble, able to maneuver around pretty much everything in a yard, including trees growing right out of the grass. Collapse the handle down, and the model is also super simple to store, even if you only have room on a garage bench or storage shelf. The mower weighs only 33 pounds when empty.

When you move away from size, the design continues to impress. The grass bag is, of course, fairly small at 0.85 bushels, but has an easy hook-on fit and an excellent handle in the middle of the bag that makes dumping out the clippings a breeze, no matter what you’re doing with them.

The model even manages to include features you may not expect on a mini-mower. That includes the customary 3-in-1 options for mulching, bagging or discharging your clippings.

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There’s also an interesting dual mode feature that allows you to switch between Power and Quiet: quiet, in addition to being actually quiet, can also help you save on battery life, while Power mode is best suited for thick grass, pine needles, and small sticks that may be in your way. The customary safety key is also present for protection.

However, the small size does have a couple drawbacks in the end. The battery itself is fine, but it’s housed on the outside of the mower. This makes it more susceptible to the elements, the debris kicked up by mowing, and any other sorts of accidents. It might be riskier using this model if it’s starting to rain or there’s still any dew on the ground (we certainly weren’t going to try it)

Additionally, while there is a battery indicator to check charge levels, it’s located on the battery itself. You can’t just glance down while you are mowing and see how much power you have left – you have to manually stop and press a button on the battery, which is naturally more annoying. Note that not all Worx models necessarily suffer from this uncovered battery issue, but the model we researched did have this design.

Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Overview Research and Performance

Worx Blades
As a small mower, debris gets caught a bit easily in the Worx, but there’s very little residue even after a long project.

We weren’t expecting this little mower to put up quite so much power, but it continued to impress throughout our research. While that 24V battery may not have the longevity of some of its larger cousins, it certainly provides enough power for the mower blades to do their work, especially in the more robust Power mode.

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The yard we researched this mower on was a bit overgrown and had some hidden debris, and we were surprised at how well the Worx cut through everything without slowing down a beat.

Perhaps the tighter turning radius of the blades allowed the motor to focus its efforts: whatever the cause, this little mower has a whole lot of pep. As long as the battery stays optimally charged, you won’t have to worry about the mower being too weak for your lawn – although we don’t recommend waiting too long, since particularly high grass can still be a challenge for a small model like this.

About that Power mode – there’s really not much need to switch to Quiet mode on this particular mower. The Worx is already small, and the motor produces very little noise, even compared to other electric mowers (which are in turn much quieter than gas mowers).

Switching to Quiet mode may save battery life, but we couldn’t get an appreciable tally of just how much. We suppose you might want to use it if you are trying to be extra quiet around nervous pets or small children, but otherwise this mode feels a little unnecessary.

The battery itself takes a couple hours to charge in ideal conditions, which is fairly short compared to the larger batteries used in other electric mowers. The mower is rated to cover around 6,000 square feet on one charge: While that’s a little difficult to measure on a real-world lawn, this feels like a very accurate number to us. You aren’t going to get the same coverage on a single charge as you would with a more powerful battery, but it’s more than enough for those smaller yards.

Worx 24V WG775 Powertank Review Wrap-Up

Is the Worx WG775 for everyone? No. It isn’t designed for larger yarder or broad lawns. But this model shines when it comes to those small yards and patches of lawn that still need to be mown, but where a larger mower is just too much.

The Worx also has a surprising amount of power for a mower of its size, along with mulching, bagging and discharge capabilities to take care of the clippings any way you want. While we wish the battery was a bit more protected and user-friendly, it still provides plenty of charge for these smaller projects.

Ultimately, the Worx fits into an important market niche, making it an easy recommendation for those who have the right yards.

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