WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re in the market searching for fun time killers, that can also sneak in exercise, one of the best toys games is the WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set. But don’t let this game fool you. It doesn’t have to be played outside because the soccer ball hovers! And with the protective bumper around it, you won’t see holes or scratches on your walls.

Why We Like It – WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set

The WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set grants fun and exercise, even when your kids are indoors, thanks to a foam bumper and two soccer nets.

  • Can be played indoors
  • Great for exercise when it’s too hot/cold outside
  • Comes with an inflatable soccer ball
  • Soccer goals are a bit too small
  • AA Batteries aren’t included


There’s nothing better than a game of soccer, and WisToyz knows this. With the WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set, your kids can take their love of soccer indoors. This is thanks to the hovering soccer ball, which floats above the floor. When kicked, it floated smoothly across the ground, and even did pretty well on short carpet.

With the physical portion covered by the hover ball, you should consider the LeapFrog RockIt Twist Handheld Learning Toys Games System to improve your child’s mental acuity. For a double action balloon pump, check out our Tota 2 way action balloon pump for balloons review.


What was really nice about the design of the WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball was the soft foam bumper surrounding the puck. Because it creates a soft landing wherever the floating soccer ball goes, it can collide with nearby balls without creating holes or scratches. Included in its design are LED lights. They’re bright enough to play indoor soccer with the lights off for some extra fun. We wish the soccer goals were a tad wider.

What its design doesn’t include are AA batteries, so make sure to turn it off when not in use. This is not a rechargeable hover soccer ball. Even in our ThinkFun Laser Maze Toys Games review, we noted the inclusion of batteries. The new hover soccer ball toy by WisToyz, however, is a rechargeable air soccer disk.


With a set of rechargeable AA batteries, you can get all kinds of fun out of the WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball. This is especially true if it gets too hot or cold outside, but you still want your boys and girls to have some fun (and sneak in exercise). Its performance as an indoor soccer ball is great, and that’s largely thanks to its soft bumper.

However, you don’t just get the soccer toy; there’s an inflatable ball included. So if your kids feel like going outside, they can switch from the hover ball to a real one. Bonus points if they take the Elite Outdoor Toys Games For Kids with them. And for your information, a cupcake party game for girls aged 3 years and above is featured in our wonder forge Disney princess enchanted cupcake party game review.

WisToyz Kids Toys Games Hover Soccer Ball Set Wrap Up

While batteries aren’t included, rechargeable batteries are easy to come by. The nets are a bit small, but this is meant for kids—not adults. There’s loads of fun to be had, and it can be had indoors. This is great if it’s too hot or cold outside. And when the temperature is right, your kids can take the real soccer ball included, outside.

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