Why Use a Gaming Headset With Detachable Cables?

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Updated October 26, 2022

Why use a gaming headset with detachable cables? A better question is why you would ever want to be held hostage by an audio cable or hold on to hope that your wireless gaming headset has hours of battery life.


  • The best part about a detachable cable is making your gaming headset comfortable. Maximum comfort gives you an edge during your immersive gaming experience.
  • You don’t have to worry about potential damage from using an audio cable for gaming. Audio devices can harm your audio port when you’re rough with them.
  • The sound quality isn’t always the best for wireless gaming headsets. Having the option of using a dual-duty cable ensures that you can avoid latency when you want to.

The best gaming headset will always offer an adjustable headband, seamless audio controls, and a removable audio cable. Keep reading to find out why an over-ear design is better with a removable cable.

Are Detachable Cable Options Suitable for Gaming Sessions?

Both a detachable microphone and cable are fantastic for an immersive gaming experience. While an adjustable headband is an excellent addition to a comfortable headset, nothing beats being able to ditch your audio cable whenever you’d like.

Insider Tip

A separate condenser microphone connection is far better than a built-in microphone connection for Xbox One and other platforms.

Of course, losing seamless control is the biggest thing that can throw you off your game. If you’ve been wondering, “Why does my gaming headset disconnect while gaming?” then it’s time to take back that seamless control you need.

If you’re curious about more headset tips, check out how to use a gaming headset clamp force and why use a gaming headset at all.

A Detachable Cable Provides Maximum Comfort

Keeping your gaming headset comfortable is crucial for an immersive gaming experience. Detachable cables help with this immensely. For the best experience, go with a removable microphone connection and cable for gaming.

They Cause Less Damage to Your Headphone Jacks

An over-ear design can be harsh for your sensitive audio input jack. It’s the same concept as with the cable accessories you plug into your mobile device: stress on the port can cause issues not even tech support can fix.

Using a removable cable removes some of the fear of putting too much strain on your audio jack.

You Don’t Have to Worry About an Audio Cable

When you go with a detachable cable over-ear design, you know that you have a fallback when you’re low on charge. However, you also know that you don’t have to deal with the low maneuverability of something as long as an extension cable.


Watch for fraying cables. A braided cable can fray from a wide range of causes, ruining your audio experience.

You’re able to enjoy better sound quality when using the cable, especially if you’re using the best audiophile gaming headphones. A poor audio experience ruins your immersive listening experience. If you’ve been wondering, “Why is there audio on 1 side of my gaming headset?” then we have an article to help get your audio experience back on track.


What should I look for in wireless gaming headsets besides a built-in microphone?

There is a wide range of features to look for in wireless gaming headsets beyond a built-in microphone:

  • Flexible headband to keep your gaming headset comfortable
  • Hours of battery life so you can enjoy game sounds for longer
  • In-line, convenient controls on your braided cable with a control button
  • Memory foam padded headband with a closed-back design

What are magnetic drivers in wireless headsets?

Magnetic drivers help conduct and distribute energy properly. They take the input from your braided cable and enable music playback while keeping background noise to a minimum.

How can I block out background noise with wireless headsets?

Wireless headsets can struggle with ambient noise in a wide range of ways. It’s crucial to have active noise cancellation to ensure that background noise doesn’t overcome your music playback for the best audio experience.

Is there a wide range of uses for over-ear headphones?

Yes, there is a wide range. You can use them for a better audio experience on multiple devices. Compatibility with mobile devices provides a more immersive listening experience with minor sound bleed. You can also use them on an Xbox One for a better audio experience.

STAT: Bluetooth transmits at frequency level in the 2.4GHZ band; this is the same as our microwave oven (means we are dealing with Electromagnetic Field or EMF). (source)

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