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What is UGC? User-generated content is any content that consumers create about your brand, be it images, text, reviews, or videos. These are typically not considered fake reviews and are very similar to word-of-mouth marketing. Since UGC is one of the most appealing forms of marketing content, companies share UGCs on their social media accounts and other marketing channels like the website.


  • Consumers trust the recommendations of other customers over that of the brand.
  • User-generated content inspires other consumers to become loyal ambassadors of your brand.
  • UGC is an effective way to improve conversion rates.

Most brands (and affiliate marketers) tend to use UGC on Instagram. Once users begin sharing posts about your product or service, it exposes your brand to an audience that will seek to try out what you are providing without hesitation. Better yet, you can boost the credibility of your brand by sharing this content with your audience.

Today, our discussion will be about the need to create a UGC strategy for your company.

Why UGC?

Here are three reasons why UGC is essential in your marketing strategy:

Insider Tip

User-generated content is any content that consumers create about your brand, be it images, text, reviews, or videos.

Creates Trust

Whether you are selling a product, an experience, or a service, modern consumers always want to know the product’s or service’s utility before purchasing. For instance, 30% of millennials would choose to go to a restaurant if its Instagram page is full of customers enjoying the experience. That is why transparency is important for your business, because it means sharing company information openly.

Promotes Originality

Consumers are twice as likely to view UGC as an authentic testimonial compared to the content the brand creates. Brands that use UGC boost their credibility because even a short testimony from a consumer can go a long way. If you’re wondering, product reviews are also considered UGC, which go a long way in influencing a purchasing decision.

Boosts Sales

Close to 80% of people say that UGC is big on boosting purchasing decisions. For instance, people like seeing Instagram stories with UGC to drive up purchases. When you combine the demand for stories with highlights in Insta-stories, you can leave consumers begging for more.

3 Important Ways of using UGC on Social Media Platforms

Make Your Brand Desirable

One of the effective techniques to create brand desire is sharing interesting user-generated content. For lifestyle brands, it gets even more powerful for them to use the lens of a visitor to present the destination to the audience. The UGC samples will attract lots of attention and inspire followers to gain interest in visiting the location.

Insider Tip

Consumers are twice as likely to view UGC as an authentic testimonial compared to the content the brand creates.

Inspire Brand Loyalty

Building brand loyalty means designing a long-term relationship with your customers that results in growth in sales over time. Some of the biggest fans of your brand are those who share UGC. They are the ones who buy your product/service more than once and then share their experiences with their networks and other people who gain an interest in their content. If you want to build brand excitement and loyalty, figure out how to incorporate UGC on your social media platforms.

Come Up with a Content Library

Designing or developing new, attractive, and fresh content for your social media pages is hard. UGC campaigns are one way to collect content that you can use to keep your products relevant to the market at all times.


What is user-generated content?

UGC is content about your brand created by customers who are not official representatives of your company.

Where can you place UGC content?

You can place your UGC content on your website, your landing page, emails, social ads, print ads, physical stores, webinars, product packaging, and all your social media platforms.

Why should I be using UGC?

So that people can engage with your brand. A mix of professional content and user-created content can increase the engagement of your viewers with your company. On one end, your customers will feel special for representing your brand. On the opposite end, other customers will get the need to experience what you are offering.

If you want to know more about content online, check out our guides to spotting fake Trustpilot reviews and understanding what a peer-reviewed article is.

STAT: A full 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% trust online consumer opinions. (source)

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