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The Trinity Is A Wind Turbine You Can Take Camping

We see a lot of solutions for powering up your gadgets when you’re far, far away from a single outlet. Solar is a popular choice, and pedal power is another option. But what about wind? That’s the question posed by the Trinity wind turbine, and it might just be an effective solution.

The Colors Of The Wind

The Trinity is actually a fairly smart application of wind turbine design. It’s built to charge small electronics, like your tablet, from wind power. The smart part comes in first with the turbine design used. Trinity uses a vertical axis turbine to save space. Vertical-axis turbines are tricky to scale up and use for large scale wind production… but the problems you run into largely go away when you scale it down.

Wind Battery

Another nice touch is that you can give the battery a head start before charging it with the wind before plugging it in. And Trinity is entirely self-contained; the turbine and the battery are in the same tube, so there isn’t anything complicated to snap together or otherwise assemble. That’s something of a boon to the obvious market for this kind of thing; mountaineers and outdoorsy types camping in windy locations. Being able to spin a turbine and pump some power into your phone can be a life-saver… sometimes quite literally.


Click And Charge

The best part is that it’s self-assembling. As you slide out the legs, you also slide out the turbine blades, and you can set the legs in either a tripod or flat position. If you’re outdoors in windy areas a lot, or just like camping places with a lot of wind energy, this might finally be the smartphone battery you’ve been dreaming of. It’s being Kickstarted right now, and you can get one for just $299.

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  1. Joe

    $300 for an undefined pinwheel? What’s the amperage output? Just looking cool doesn’t justify $300.

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